Nature and castles: from the vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons – Day 2: Knight' s nobility and mountain tops

The second day is the continuation of first day, yet there are some interesting changes there. Firstly, you will dedicate time to deepening your knowledge on knights' places and religious abbeys. And later you will go up the mountains to see incredible views to the nearest crests.
Nature and castles: from the vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons

Trip duration: 4 days

Gvenet Bloom

Tintern Abbey

Historic Sites

We start our day with going to Tintern Abbey, which was more than once mentioned in William Wordsworth’s poems. The half-ruined abbey makes even greater impression than its extant ‘brothers’. Imagination immediately draws all the missing details and transportates you in the XII century. Until the dissolution of monasteries during Henry VIII’s reign, the abbey had been in possession of the Order of Cistercians, whom Walter de Clare, the founder of abbey, belonged to.

Chepstow Castle


It is time to head for new discoveries: there is Chepstow Medieval castle, the tenement of knights’ valour, not far from Tintern Abbey. Chepstow is fully built from stone, which has already been silently witnessing a swift-flowing time for 600 years. During the period of its existence the fortress changed many noble owners: earl William FitzOsbern was the first possessor while earl Charles Somerset was the last one. Each owner brought something new to the appearance of castle.

The Hardwick

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Sugar Loaf Mountain


The mountain Sugar Loaf is the most Southern top of the Black Mountains, its height is 1. 955 feet. The mountain was named so because of its similarity to sugar cone. A splendid view to the neighborhood peaks opens from here. For the visitors’ convenience special paths were made. It makes the process of going up easier.

voco St. David's Cardiff

Brecon Beacons National Park

National Parks

Less than in an hour of driving from the mountain Sugar Loaf an enormous national park is located, here you can take pleasure in nature by choosing one of comfortable routes. You definitely will experience the sense of freedom and pleasant excitement strolling along picturesque paths. One landscape changes another; every has its own inimitable features and leaves an indelible impression. The most popular destination is waterfalls, situated in the Southern part of park. You can deepen your knowledge about the park by choosing one of audio trail. To find audio files visit the site.

Miller & Carter


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