Nature and castles: from the vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons – Day 1: Castles and abbeys

The journey begins. The acquaintance with medieval castles and the walk in the ‘round dance of stones’ – the oldest of megalithic structures are waiting for you today. You will spend time in the open air in the park where more than 2.500 kinds of trees grow. Moreover, you will have a dinner in the unique cafe.
Nature and castles: from the vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons

Trip duration: 4 days

Gvenet Bloom

Farnham Castle


Our roadtrip starts with visiting Farnham Castle.The bishop Henry began to build or, may be, to rebuild the castle in 1138. The walls of this tremendous construction witnessed many noble people staying here, including kings, queens and princess. It is precisely known that the castle was King John and Elizabeth I’ s favoured place. Of course, the castle couldn't manage without reconstructions to the developing life conditions. In 1884 the stained-glass windows were set and later, in about 1895 the bishop David installed electricity. The last reconstruction took place in 2012, after it the castle was officially recognized as the space for organizing weddings and other celebrations.

Highclere Castle


We continue our journey to the places of historical heritage. Highclere, castle built in the XVII century on the foundation of older palace, the first information about which dates back to 749, draws attention even from far away. The fortress repeatedly served the cause of humanity. During the First World War a hospital for injured soldiers was organized here and during the Second World War the evacuee found home in the castle. You will learn about earls of Carnarvon, whose family is closely related to this colossal architectural creation, during your visit. Don’t forget to walk on the adjoining territories.


The restaurant meets all the expectations connected to Italian cuisine: the best condiments, herbs and oils specially delivered from Italy. The menu includes a wide range of pizzas: with flavorous sweet basil, on the tomato base with crumbled goat cheese, with salami and ham, vegetarian and others. You can also enjoy a homemade pasta and after drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Mercure Bristol Holland House


Historic Sites

Following the itinerary, it is impossible to pass over Avebury, the Planet heritage which looks impressive in any season and in any weather. This megalithic construction remains a mystery even in this day and age. There is a supposal that this place is for worshiping pagan deities. Some people think that it is an ancient observatory and others prefer to believe in the theory of aliens and that it is a landing field for the inhabitants of Andromeda nebulosity. Further information as well as stories and legends connected to this unbelievable place you will be able to find out in a small Barn Gallery museum which is located in the Avebury village.

Malmesbury Abbey

The beauty of XII century and the Church of XXI century – that is how Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire is described. Such treasures as the Bible of XV century and Henry the VII's cross are kept in the walls of this cultural heritage. Moreover, the king Athelstan’s tomb is situated here. Plunge into history going into the decorated in Norman style South entrance, which has become the symbol of Сhristian salvation.

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

Other Great Outdoors

After travelling through the historical landmarks let's head to take a rest outdoors, under the tree crowns. Westonbirt Arboretum is ambience for more than 2.500 kinds of trees from all over the world. It is a great place for escaping from the worldly vanity. There were hunting lands in the Victorian times here and now the territory is modernized space with breathtaking views.

Mud Dock Cafe

Cafés, Bike Shops

The unique interior of cafe is the result of owner's sustainable efforts in combining incompatible things: bikes and food. Before the cafe was set up, the owners for a long time had cycled, watching different cafes and restaurants specialized in diverse cuisine to open and to close. The observation led to the creation of good team and starting the business. The cafe is almost annually mentioned in the press in connection to different occasions. Besides, some historical events took place here. To illustrate, Paul McCartney held the presentation of book at the venue. Further information can be found on the site of cafe.