Explore the Oldham surroundings . Immerse in the Paul McCartney childhood home atmosphere . Visit Manchester United Home Stadium.

Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

The name of the city can be literally translated as "old village".The journey begins with a trip to Manchester, one of the most beautiful cities in Britain. And he is known not only as the largest city in Northern England, the world capital of weaving, an industrial center, but also as a city with a very remarkable rich history. For the Beatles fans this trip will be even more interesting, as you will visit important places associated with the group in Liverpool. This city is one of the main British ports, famous for its culture, music, football and numerous pubs.

Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

8 days itinerary by Anastasia Omelchuk - History and Culture - Car, 6 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Welcome day

This is your first evening in the city so before you go to the restaurant just take some rest in a park and enjoy the nature.
Visiting: Manchester, West Didsbury

Day 2: Heritage of Manchester

The first full day in the city, so you go to learn the city and its history. You will see the most iconic places.
Visiting: Manchester, Manchester City Centre

Day 3: Mystic Factory and Manchester United Home

The day will be full of contrasts. You will visit the stadium, a beautiful estate with a garden as well as beautiful parks.
Visiting: Manchester, Lymm, Cheshire, Wilmslow, Didsbury, Dunham Massey

Day 4: English houses

Today you visit various houses which each in its own way represents the culture of England. This is definitely the day of immersion in the culture of the country.
Visiting: Manchester, Preston, Chorley, Rochdale, Rufford, Samlesbury

Day 5: The history of Liverpool is equal to the history of the Beatles

If you love music you definitely understand what awaits you in Liverpool. Today you can practically experience the atmosphere of the Beatles band.
Visiting: Preston, Liverpool, Knutsford, Litherland

Day 6: Nature and Abbey

The Gothic cathedral, a country estate of the Tudor era and a former ruined monastery are what awaits you today.
Visiting: Knutsford, Manchester, Oldham, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester, Saddleworth, Widnes

Day 7: Incredible landscapes

Today, the day will be devoted to most visits to the Abbeys. Also you will visit the rock with an incredible view.
Visiting: Manchester, Leeds, Ilkley, Ripon, Knaresborough, Skipton, York

Day 8: Residential castle

Just imagine living in a real castle and you will have the opportunity to visit one where the Earl family still lives. Just a part of the castle is open to the public as a museum.
Visiting: Leeds, Manchester