Most Significant Cities Around Oldham – Day 6: Nature and Abbey

The Gothic cathedral, a country estate of the Tudor era and a former ruined monastery are what awaits you today.
Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Chester Cathedral


The Cathedral, the former church of the Benedictine Abbey of St.. Verborgi, dedicated to Christ and the Holy Virgin Mary. In 1093, a Benedictine abbey was founded here and the oldest surviving buildings date from this period. The church of the abbey and the cathedral church at that time was the church of sv. John the Baptist, then the episcopal pulpit was moved to nearby Coventry. The cathedral was heavily damaged by parliamentary forces during the Civil War, and its stained glass windows are mainly of the 19th century, as was the organ. The cathedral stores old gold and silver church utensils of the 17th and 18th centuries. Also here you can see beautiful mosaic floors and amazing patterns of woodcarving. The library of the cathedral has its history since the time of the abbey of St. Verborgi.

Speke Hall, Garden and Estate

History Museums

Spec Hall is a country estate of the Tudor era, an excellent example of half-timbered technology. Construction of the existing house began in 1530, earlier buildings were incorporated into the building structure. In 1531 the Large or Oak drawing room was built. The last big changes were made in 1598, when the northern part of the building was rebuilt. Since then, the building has hardly changed, and this is one of the oldest surviving buildings of this kind. In many English castles and country estates there are secret passages or shelters where you can instantly hide or through which you can hide if necessary. Such secret shelters were especially popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when the Catholic faith was outlawed and Catholic priests were persecuted as state criminals and traitors.


Italian Restaurants

Review from visitor: "Came here for the first time with my family, booked which I'd recommend as it got busy fast. We were seen to promptly and our waiter David you couldn't fault, he did not stop, recommended items for us and made sure we were thoroughly taken care of without being overbearing. Lots of choice on the menu and the sizes are just enough to get a good taste of everything...Really lovely, nice atmosphere, good drinks selection and very clean. Told everyone I know to go".

Kirkstall Abbey

Historic Sites

Kirkstall Abbey is a destroyed Cistercian monastery. The monastery was founded in 1152 and, like many monasteries, closed in 1539 by decree of King Henry VII during the Reformation. Picturesque ruins attracted the attention of many artists, in particular, they can be seen on the canvases of Turner, Cotman and Hertin. Despite the fact that almost 500 years have passed since the closure of the monastery, the remains of its buildings still standing, attracting the attention of numerous visitors, because nowhere else will you find buildings that would show the monastery’s life so vividly and clearly this period of history.

Dove Stone Reservoir

Reservoirs, Nature Preserves

The Dovestone reservoir is located at the fusion of the Greenfield and Chu Brooks valleys above the village of Greenfield. The reservoir is located on the outskirts of the Peak District National Park in the South Pennines. It delivers drinking water to the neighborhood and is a tourist attraction, offering several walks among beautiful landscapes.

The White Hart

Gastropubs, Wine Bars

Visit the White Hart Inn for a delicious roast beef, tuna and filet steak. You'll love some good Yorkshire pudding, tart tatin and ice cream. In this place you can order a good beer, ale or gin. Most visitors say that the staff here is nice.