Legacy of ancient German towns – Day 3: Cologne in the palm of your hand

Today you will touch the grey old town of Cologne, take a walk near Cologne Town Hall, visit Cologne Cathedral, majestic and beautiful, the keeper of sacred relics. See the city from Panorama, browse the chocolate museum and don't leave without souvenirs. Take a trip to Bonn, walk around its market square, admire the Town Hall.
Legacy of ancient German towns

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova



And we have a delicious breakfast waiting for us. Aromatic coffee, fresh bread, fine cheese, fruit, frescos - all this is recommended by visitors. Have a nice day!


Monuments / Landmarks

We'll start the day by visiting the old days. The western gate of the Cologne city wall. How strong were the walls of the medieval city of Cologne, if we still see such a powerful gate! This gate has been known since the 13th century! They were the main entrance gate, through which the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire ceremonially entered after their coronation in Aachen. Beautiful!

Historical Town Hall (Historisches Rathaus)

City Halls, Monuments / Landmarks

Cologne Town Hall, the oldest in Europe. Slim, airy, openworked. Decorated with the figures of Cologne's patrons, saints, outstanding people. She's so beautiful, solemn. The sculptures on the tower of Cologne Town Hall allow you to trace the history of Cologne. The famous Hanseatic Hall is located on the first floor of the City Hall. There are bells on the tower, which play different melodies on the clock (at 9, 12, 15 and 18 hours).

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)


Think about it! Cologne Cathedral is at hand! A lifelong dream, and certainly the main purpose of visiting Cologne. In 1164, Friedrich Barbarossa presented the Bishop with the relics of the Holy Magi as a gift, and a pilgrimage to the shrine began. In 1248 the construction of the cathedral began and continued with interruptions until the end of XIX century. The majestic, openworked, most beautiful cathedral amazes with its beauty and power. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit the cathedral daily. The Cathedral is open from 6am to 9pm from May to October, and from November to April from 6am to 19-30. The entrance to the treasure is 6 euros, the ascent to the observation deck is 4 euros. But how happy are those who have crossed these 533 steps! From a height there is an amazing view! The symbol of Cologne, the heart of the city. The highest temple in Germany.

PANORAMA KölnTriangle

Scenic Lookouts

The view is impressive from Panorama, located in a high-rise building on the east bank of the Rhine. The ambitious idea of the Cologne architects was successful. It's breathtaking from a height of 100 meters! Wonderful view of Cologne, old town, Cathedral. Enjoy the best panorama of Cologne! The observation deck is glazed around the perimeter for security reasons. The views are just terrific. Do, do, take pictures! Then you pick the best ones.


Italian Restaurants

To avoid dizziness from heights or hunger, it's time for lunch. All the more so because visitors respond very enthusiastically to the dishes served here. The pleasant atmosphere disposes to a leisurely dinner, which is more typical of sunny Italy than Northern Europe. I liked what they were cooking in plain sight. Pizza, pasta, risotto, delicious desserts. There's a vegan and gluten-free menu.

Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum)


And after a delicious dinner, you're supposed to... No, never sleep! Did you take dessert? No? Well done! Because now we're walking across the Rhine Bridge and going to the Chocolate Museum. They'll show you how it's made, they'll treat you. Dip your waffles in a chocolate fountain and enjoy!



40 minutes and we're already in Bonn. We start with the market square. My God, it's beautiful! What flavors! I'm really looking forward to buying something. Old Baroque City Hall building. She doesn't look that old. How it's all taken care of! Now there are weddings and gala receptions. How nice that they have such small distances between cities, you move from city to city and are in constant contact with history. Along the perimeter of the square there are cozy cafes, a market place and a fountain.

Tuscolo Münsterblick

Italian Restaurants, Pizza Places

Shouldn't we have dinner? We're choosing an Italian restaurant again. Pasta, pizza, salads are above praise. What can I do? Visitors recommend. I liked the service, too.