Legacy of ancient German towns – Day 1: We are flying to Dusseldorf.

First acquaintance with the city. A visit to the elegant Japanese garden and market square in the center of the old city.
Legacy of ancient German towns

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Capella Breidenbacher Hof Düsseldorf

Volkswagen Polo

Japanischer Garten


You'd be surprised, but we'll start with Dusseldorf in the Japanese garden. The Japanese were the initiators of its creation, developed the project and implemented it. He is cared for by local gardeners, but every 5 years the inspection comes from Japan. Such an amazing symbiosis of German neatness and Japanese sophistication. In mild climates, the garden thrives. It is gorgeous all year round, but in spring it is especially delightful when everything blooms and fragrant. An impressive variety of gazebos, bridges, ponds, plants.



In the heart of the old town there is a market square, the Town Hall surrounded by cozy cafes, on the equestrian monument to Elector Johann-Wilhelm. It's a beautiful historical place right on the banks of the Rhine. Traditionally, Christmas fairs, carnivals and wine celebrations are organized at Marktplatz. It's nice to walk, walk, taste the local treats and from this old place you can continue your acquaintance with Dusseldorf.

Block House

Steakhouses, Restaurants

According to the reviews of hungry visitors, the steaks here are wonderful! The waiters are friendly and the aromatic roast meat will be served with salad, potatoes and bread! That's very helpful. We will definitely try traditional German dishes! At the tables you will meet both a tourist and a Dusseldorf who came to have dinner or chat with friends.