Priozersk (Corela Fortress). Lahdenpohja (visiting a shop of Karelian balsams and infusions + tasting). Ruskeala (Akhinkoski waterfalls and Ruskeala mountain park). Rautalahti (museum under the sky "North Fivaida" + museum "U Master"). Sortavala (historic park "Bastion").

Karelia for the weekend

Karelia has always attracted travelers with its amazing scenery: the nature here is untouched, which cannot but surprise and beckon here. More often than not, tours to Karelia are long, and in today's realities not everyone can afford a long trip. Therefore we suggest you to plunge into the atmosphere of wild nature for a couple of days and feel all the greatness of the northern peoples!

Karelia for the weekend

2 days itinerary by Maria Mamedli - Families with Kids, History and Culture - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, History and Culture

Day 1: Acquaintance with Karelia: Priozersk - Lahdenpohja - Ruskeala

On the first day of our trip we will go to Priozersk, get acquainted with the history and nature of the city. Then we will go to Lahdenpohja for the famous balsam. And we'll finish our day with a walk in the Ruskeala Mountain Park.
Visiting: Sortavala, Ruskeala, Priozersk, Parnas, Centralniy, Lakhdenpokh'ya

Day 2: Kiryavalahti Bay, North Fivaida Museum and U Master's Museum, Bastion historical park

Let's start our day with a trip to the beauties of Lake Ladoga, then plunge into the world of northern architecture and crafts, and finish the day with an acquaintance with the Vikings.
Visiting: Sortavala, Priozersk, Centralniy, Rautalakhti