Karelia for the weekend – Day 2: Kiryavalahti Bay, North Fivaida Museum and U Master's Museum, Bastion historical park

Let's start our day with a trip to the beauties of Lake Ladoga, then plunge into the world of northern architecture and crafts, and finish the day with an acquaintance with the Vikings.
Karelia for the weekend

Trip duration: 2 days

Maria Mamedli



Our final day with a panoramic restaurant where we have breakfast. The cuisine here is also traditional.


General Travel

The day will begin with a trip to Lake Ladoga. There are amazing views. Drive along highway A121 and you will see the northernmost bay of the lake. Here you can take stunning photos.

Времена года

Boarding Houses, Bed & Breakfasts

We continue our journey to the Seasons hotel complex. Here you can buy excursions and guides to the following objects: Open-air Museum "North Fivaida" - a complex of wooden architecture, for which it is worth to come all this way, as they stand on rocky shores. And the museum at the Master's. It is small, here you can see samples of minerals, get acquainted with local crafts, as well as buy souvenirs from this remote, northern place.


History Museums

Back to Sortavala. We plan to visit the Viking Age Museum of Living History - "Black Bear Fortress". It is an interactive project where you can touch everything with your hands, change into ancient clothes and sit behind the oar of a real Viking drakkar. Here you can also try the real northern mead.

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

Russian Restaurants, Scandinavian Restaurants

We're going towards St. Petersburg. But we will stop in one wonderful cafe and pleasant atmosphere and a view of the lake. We'll have dinner and go home.

Gazpromneft filling station #45