Sober Bash Winery.. Excursion to Abrau Durso. Old Greek Wine Yard. Semigorie Manor. Lefkadia Valley.

Journey to the famous wineries of the Krasnodar region

This trip is perfect for people who are interested in wine and everything related to it. During the trip we will visit the most famous wineries of Russia, walk around the territory where vineyards are grown, go on excursions to famous wineries, visit mysterious wine cellars, as well as taste the most delicious drinks made of grapes. Despite the fact that delicious and fragrant wines are enticing, do not forget that you cannot drink while driving :)

Journey to the famous wineries of the Krasnodar region

2 days itinerary by Margarita Glumova - Gastronomy Tour, Uninhabited Nature, Free Routes - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour, Uninhabited Nature, Free Routes

Day 1: From Sober Bash to Old Greek Wine Yard...

Our acquaintance with winemaking will begin with the territory of a modern vineyard, located near the center of Krasnodar. We will walk along the vineyards, take beautiful pictures, then go further. We will go on a tour to Abrau-Durso, see the suburbs from the observation deck, visit a small family winery in the vicinity of Anapa.
Visiting: Anapa, Vityazevo, Krasnodar, Dyurso, Smolenskaya, Abrau-Dyurso, Nizhnebakanskiy

Day 2: From Anapa to the Valley of Lefkadia.

The morning of the second day we will start with breakfast in a cafe with incredible sea views. We will walk near the Anapa lighthouse and go down to the sea on the stairs "Su-Psekh", which has 800 steps. Then we will get acquainted with the unique wine village "Semigorie" and visit the Lefkadia Valley. The last point of our trip will be the winery, famous for its legendary wines "Sauk Dere".
Visiting: Anapa, Semigor'ye, Saukdere, Krasnodar, Supsekh, Moldavanskoye