Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota – Day 9: A mosaic of impressions

On this day, everyone had time to rest for all tastes and colors. We visited the museum of art, walked by the lake and saw a street statue that reminded us of the value of life.
Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota

Trip duration: 10 days

Gvenet Bloom

George's Pizza

Pizza Places

Pizza time! As true friends, we took a few big pizzas and shared them with each other, the food brings them closer together. And when the food's good, it's also fun. Traditionally, food and beverages are on the road, so you don't have to waste time on shopping on the way.

South Dakota Art Museum

Art Museums

We enjoyed very different styles of art, enriched ourselves culturally, had a great time and visited the museum's shop, where we found more interesting things. The exhibits are very bright and unusual, something fascinating, something even shocking, in general, is definitely worth a visit. By the way, before visiting the museum it is necessary to pay attention to the schedule of the museum - on Sunday it opens its doors for visitors only at noon.

Lake Cochrane

I love the smell of water! It was a great place for rest, we charged up our energy, walked along the shore, sat on the benches, chatted and took photos. The water was pretty cool, so I didn't dare to swim, unlike a couple of my friends who were very happy with the bath. You can also take a boat ride or a catamaran here.

Big Stone Lake State Park

Nature Preserves

We've diluted a long walk in a nature park. Wandered the paths, had a nice time on the shore, met with local guys who often rest here. They said you can often meet deer here. We've unfortunately failed to do so, but maybe you'll be lucky enough!

Prairie Chicken Monument

Outdoor Sculptures

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a giant animal sculpture again. This time it's a meadow geek. Unfortunately, this bird is gradually dying out and the sculpture is a great way to remind people that we have to take care of nature.

Rustica Eatery and Tavern


I liked this restaurant very much, I guess I can call it my favorite restaurant on this trip. The dishes here are beautifully served and surprisingly delicious, just lick your fingers! Medium sized portions, take more food.