Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota – Day 5: Trees everywhere

We walked along the fort, presented ourselves as soldiers in the midst of a battle and barricaded ourselves behind solid wooden fortifications, and then enjoyed strange sculptures made of wood and other materials in the open air museum.
Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota

Trip duration: 10 days

Gvenet Bloom

Panera Bread

Bakeries, Cafés

We had a hearty breakfast in the morning, filled up with energy while enjoying breakfast, discussed the plans for several days and took food with us today.

Fort Mandan

Scenic Lookouts

When you watch a historical film, you often see wooden fortresses, I finally saw such a fortress alive. Very interesting place from a historical point of view. The guys even fooled around a little, played war, so much happiness, so much happiness.

Salem Sue - World's Largest Holstein Cow

Outdoor Sculptures

We have already seen the sculpture of the biggest bison and decided to see the biggest cow sculpture. That's impressive.

Petrified Wood Park & Museum

Sculpture Gardens

This park museum is probably one of the most unusual places I've ever visited. The original sculptures, absolutely unlike anything else, leave an indelible impression. Besides, it all looks so natural that it seems like we've moved to a completely different world.

Spearfish Canyon Lodge

Slim Buttes


Another great place for hiking and the opportunity to be closer to nature. In September 1876, a battle took place here, which is forever written in history - the battle between the U.S. Army and the indigenous people of Sioux.

Geographic Center of the Nation Monument

Historic Sites

A place to be visited by everyone who travels through South Dakota. How do you miss the opportunity to stand at the geographical centre of the nation?

Steerfish Steak & Smoke


Finished the day at the steakhouse. Although the institution specializes in meat dishes and smoked meats, the menu is quite diverse. Good service, we had a great evening at the dinner table, exchanging impressions at the same time.