Visiting museums . Introduction to the history of Western culture and cowboy traditions . A trip to the waterfall . Picturesque natural landscapes . .

Journey Through History and Nature: from Oklahoma City to Dallas

In making this travel scenario, I tried to include as many interesting places as possible on the way from Oklahoma City to Dallas. We will see all the main sights - from historical monuments to local wonders of nature. Our trip is designed to visit museums, memorable places, as well as sights and parks. If you like to expand the boundaries of the known and prefer active and informative rest, this program is for you!

Journey Through History and Nature: from Oklahoma City to Dallas

10 days itinerary by Darcy Moore - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Welcome to Oklahoma City

That's when we started our acquaintance with this beautiful city! The first day will be quiet enough, but no less interesting than all the others. We'll see a few sights and plunge into the rhythm of the city.
Visiting: Oklahoma City, Dallas

Day 2: Walks around the city

Today promises to be interesting and full of unforgettable impressions! Today we will go for a walk in the park, as well as visit the historical site and museum. It's time to explore this city from the inside!
Visiting: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Dallas

Day 3: City museums tour

This day, undoubtedly, left its mark in our memory, because we had time not only to visit an amazing museum and get acquainted with interesting and very unusual works of contemporary artists and masters of the past, but also to visit an amazing natural park.
Visiting: Oklahoma City, Dallas

Day 4: A trip to Tulsa

Today we're on our way to Oklahoma's second largest city, Talsu. I chose this town because of the story of a book I read when I was a kid. It is in this city that the "House of Night" series of books takes place, and in the city center there is a vampire boarding school. I thought it was funny, but I wanted to see this town from the inside, with my own eyes.
Visiting: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas

Day 5: We're finishing our journey through Tulsa

Despite the fact that Tulsa is a very nice and beautiful city, with many monuments and natural areas, it is time to move forward
Visiting: Tulsa, Dallas

Day 6: A trip to Norman

Today we will stop at Norman, Oklahoma's third most populous city, and in the afternoon we will find ourselves in an amazing nature park with caves and waterfalls.
Visiting: Tulsa, Norman, Davis, Pauls Valley, Ardmore, Dallas

Day 7: A short trip to Pauls Valley and the road to Fort Worth

The way is planned, we still have a lot of adventures ahead of us, the road is long, so we decided to give up a short stop in Denton and then we will go to Fort Worth
Visiting: Ardmore, Sulphur, Denton, Fort Worth, Dallas

Day 8: Departure to Dallas

Having completed our journey through Fort Worth, we'll go to Dallas. A very nice city, with lots of places to see!
Visiting: Fort Worth, Addison, Dallas

Day 9: Dallas culture and parks

Dallas is a very famous city in the United States. It is the largest financial center of the South-West of the country, the center of advertising business, in the city an incredible number of restaurants, parks and shopping centers. And today our route lies in the Museum of Art, botanical garden and observation deck.
Visiting: Addison, Dallas

Day 10: The last day of the journey

Our long enough journey has come to an end, as much as I would not like to leave, it is time to go. Today before the return trip we visited another attraction, had breakfast in a small and cozy bakery and rented a car. How quickly these wonderful 10 days have passed!
Visiting: Addison, Dallas