Take unforgettable photos of abandoned estates. Picnic lunch in a pine forest. Find answers to history's riddles.

Journey - a quest for abandoned villages and estates

Did you know that in the Leningrad region more than 80 settlements were abandoned in the last century for various reasons. Some of them are really worth your attention. This trip-quest has been created for the fans of antiquity and hunters of curious shots. These places keep the secrets of history and riddles, they excite the mind and attract the mystery that envelops them. Like frozen stone giants, they remind us of how time and history change everything around us. Hurry to see them while they're still in their place.

Journey - a quest for abandoned villages and estates

3 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - Uninhabited Nature, Unobvious locations - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Unobvious locations

Day 1: Ruins and nature

The journey starts from Krasnoselsky district, where you will find an abandoned factory settlement and the ruins of the palace of Emperor Alexander I. Spend your lunch in the countryside in the coolness of a pine forest, to the sound of a murmuring stream. And don't forget to visit the nearby N.K. Roerich Manor. Wander around and find the building of the Agricultural Colony School, the Trout Tower and the ruins of the former lime factory, where giant kilns have been preserved. All this is a reminder of what the village of Izvara was like in the past.
Visiting: Kingisepp, Bol'shaya Vruda, Krasnoye Selo, Izvara, Centralniy, Novoye Rotkovo, Saint Petersburg

Day 2: Back in time.

The second day of the trip will be equally exciting. You will visit an abandoned mansion with the strange name "Consolation" and the closed church of the Holy Virgin. And of course lunch is a picnic in the countryside with a magnificent view from the cliffs of the Devonian.
Visiting: Luga, Kingisepp, Khotnezha, Uteshen'ye, Sredniye Krupeli

Day 3: In search of answers

The third day is no less mysterious than the previous two. Keep unravelling the mysteries of history hidden in ancient places along your route.
Visiting: Luga, Gatchina, Centralniy, Rozhdestveno, Volosovo, Dylitsy, Torosovo, Pyataya Gora