Journey - a quest for abandoned villages and estates – Day 1: Ruins and nature

The journey starts from Krasnoselsky district, where you will find an abandoned factory settlement and the ruins of the palace of Emperor Alexander I. Spend your lunch in the countryside in the coolness of a pine forest, to the sound of a murmuring stream. And don't forget to visit the nearby N.K. Roerich Manor. Wander around and find the building of the Agricultural Colony School, the Trout Tower and the ruins of the former lime factory, where giant kilns have been preserved. All this is a reminder of what the village of Izvara was like in the past.
Journey - a quest for abandoned villages and estates

Trip duration: 3 days

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Fabrichnyy Poselok

The factory settlement in Krasnoye Selo can't be called an abandoned village of the Leningrad Region, as it has never been an independent territorial unit. But it's one of the most interesting atmospheric places that is easy to get to. Today, the factory village is more like an American fictional town of Silent Hill in miniature. Not a single preserved window, in some places the ceilings have been destroyed, and somewhere you can see traces of fires.

Руины дворца Александра I

Historic Sites

The building itself was erected at the end of the XVIII century. At first it was the estate of the owner of a paper mill, but then it was converted into a palace for the Emperor. After the revolution nobody occupied the building, it was made into an ordinary dwelling house, which was slightly modernized by adding a third floor and rebuilt the stables. The former residence of Alexander I began to collapse in the late 60s. Today, only ruins are in its place.



Buy all the necessary food for the picnic, which will be on the riverside during lunch.



You have to spend time in silence and unity with nature. Take your time anywhere, find your ideal place and just be in the moment. If you are lucky with the weather, be sure to swim in the waters of the Bronnicki quarry. Have a picnic in nature, dream about the beautiful and go further towards adventure.

Park-hotel Green Force

Усадьба Н.К. Рериха

Art Museums

Now on the place of ancient Novgorod settlement there is an estate of artist, writer and philosopher - Nikolay Roerich. The park adjacent to it has the status of a natural monument, there is a system of unfrozen spring lakes, an alley of love, the source of the river Izvarka and other natural and landscape objects that make this place so romantic and atmospheric. Excursions in the museum are on schedule: 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 The museum is open during the year from 10-30 to 17-30, weekends - Monday and Tuesday. Sanitary day is the last Wednesday of each month.

Успенский храм


This one-dome stone church was built in the style of classicism. Later, a bell tower was added to it. The church has survived heroically wars and destruction, and in front of you is its fifth building. Make sure you reach the almost abandoned quarry that is nearby. In it you'll find six extinct kilns where limestone was mined. The landscape here is equally beautiful and mysterious in all seasons.

The Collection

Gastropubs, Irish Pubs

Look into this wonderful Irish gastropub. The institution offers an excellent level of service and huge portions. Visitors recommend to try saltpan, soup with meatballs, homemade cutlets with mashed potatoes.