Ivangorod and the trip to Lake Ilmen – Day 2: On the way to Veliky Novgorod.

Today will be an extremely busy day. First we will head to the very border with Estonia and visit the main sights of Ivangorod, and after that we will have a long but interesting trip to Veliky Novgorod.
Ivangorod and the trip to Lake Ilmen

Trip duration: 5 days

Egor Zhuravlev

family cafe (ХоРоШо)


There are quite a few plans for today, so it's better to start the day early. For breakfast, you can go to a small cafe in the north of town with a positive name HoRoSho. It serves a variety of snacks and breakfast dishes, as well as vegetable salads with fish and a variety of soups.

Ivangorod castle (Ивангородская крепость)


Today begins with a visit to Ivangorod. First of all we will go to the famous Ivangorod fortress, which is one of the most valuable historical monuments of Russia. To date, it has been restored several times and acquired the status of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

Иваногородский художественный музей

Art Museums

Another important attraction of the city is the Ivanogorod Art Museum. It was founded in the late 80s of the twentieth century. The basis of its art fund is a collection of works by I.Y. Bilibin and other famous artists from the "World of Art" association.

The Collection

Gastropubs, Irish Pubs

After a long and interesting excursion it is worth taking a short break and going to one of the local restaurants called The Collection for lunch. Here visitors will find a calm and relaxing atmosphere, as well as a fairly wide range of different dishes and snacks.

Rachmaninoff Hotel

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

History Museums

On the way to Veliky Novgorod you should definitely make a stop at the Museum-Estate "Christmas". The history of this place dates back to the middle of the eighteenth century, when by the decree of Catherine II this place became a district town. The estate belonged to the relatives of the Russian classic V. Nabokov. Please note the museum schedule: it is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Cafe Oredezh

Cafés, Pizza Places, Sushi Restaurants

After the tour it is worth spending some time and making a small stop for lunch. For this you can stay in one of the cafes in the small town of Vyritsa. The atmosphere here is quite simple and cozy, and in the menu you can find many dishes of traditional national cuisine.

Lyubyn Mountain

The nature of the Leningrad region is truly unique and unique, and some local landscapes resemble the amazing nature of the Alps. In order to take a little walk and enjoy the stunning views of the forests and plains it is worth making a small stop near Lubunska Gora.

Кафе "Солнечное"

Delis / Bodegas

And after an evening walk in the countryside we go for a dinner in a cafe called "Sunny", which is just on the way to Veliky Novgorod. It serves a quite standard set of dishes and snacks. To arrive at the hotel early, do not stay too long here, because you will need to rest before tomorrow's trip.