Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes – Day 10: Morning tours

We intend to spend the last morning of our trip as well. That is why we have plans to go on a tour to one of the largest museums of the city - NASCAR Racing Museum after breakfast.
Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes

Trip duration: 10 days

Brandon Hughes

Sunflour Baking Company

Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Cafés

We decided to start the morning in a nice, cozy coffee shop Sunflour Baking Company. We were met from the threshold by a very friendly and positive staff. The interior here also made a pleasant impression. We ordered ourselves some sandwiches, as well as cakes and buns with cinnamon and poppy, of course, did not do without a cup of strong coffee.

NASCAR Hall of Fame


It was very interesting for us to go on a tour of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, because racing under this aegis has already become part of American culture, second only to American football. In the hall of fame there are collected copies of equipment that was in operation at different periods of time, you can also learn a lot about the history of this type of racing, about its champions and features.