Hospitable Yerevan – Day 5: Contemporary Art and Crafts

Acquaintance with the cultural life of Yerevan will continue at the Museum of Modern Art and National Art Gallery, and even today you will visit the Vernissage market, where you can buy unusual handmade souvenirs.
Hospitable Yerevan

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Louis Charden

Cafés, French Restaurants, Bakeries

At Louis Charden you will find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, provided by attentive and friendly staff, excellent and thoughtful interior, and unsurpassed skill of the chef. The menu offers a wide choice of French and Armenian dishes, a good range of wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Modern Art Museum of Armenia (Ժամանակակից արվեստի թանգարան)

Art Galleries

Modern Art Museum of Armenia is an excellent art gallery with a very wide selection of paintings by local artists, different in style and direction, deep and interesting, catchy and humorous. The museum will be interesting to visit, even if you are not a connoisseur of modern art. The price of the entrance ticket is very pleasant and affordable for anyone, including the budget traveler. Will approach to visit with children, as bright art objects will please many and fascinate the young audience.

Vernissage Flea Market | Վերնիսաժ

Flea Markets, Antique Shops, Parks

Flea market "Vernisage" is a place where you can find any souvenirs! There are both manufacturers and just traders. Armenians are a very creative people, and their works are often of excellent quality and each with a zest. Magnificent ceramics, soulful dolls, painted scarves, metal and jewelry, gifts and souvenirs at very good prices. And the salesmen are unobtrusive and very friendly. The place will leave you with very good memories.

Zatar Pizza

Pizza Places, Middle Eastern Restaurants

Zatar Pizza is a small Syrian restaurant with a very smooth and high-quality service: everything is prepared quickly, tasty, high-quality and beautiful. Facility's menu offers a large choice of regular and vegetarian pizzas, besides, one shouldn't deny oneself in pleasure of tasting local lagmajo and zatara.