You will discover cultural Lisbon with its museums, panoramic views and traditions . Explore restaurants and small cafes for local cuisine . Meet new people and hear dozens of stories . Look at the monasteries, churches and fortresses . Visit the beaches of Cascais . Walk through the art district of the city with its shops, installations and souvenir stores.

History and Freedom at the Very Edge of Europe

Pousada is a separate cultural component of Portugal. In many cities, you can stay in a picturesque building, resembling at least a small palace. Each of these hotels is decorated in Portuguese style, complemented by traditional interior details and equipped with modern technology. A stay in Pousada will make your holiday unforgettable and give you a mood of luxury. You can learn more about what awaits you on a journey from this pre-made scenario. Do not think about anything, just relax properly in Lisbon and Cascais.

History and Freedom at the Very Edge of Europe

5 days itinerary by Alexey Lukin - History and Culture - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Beginning our acquaintance with Lisbon.

Today marked the beginning of our fascinating journey through Europe's westernmost capital. Our plans for today include numerous walks to the most popular places in the city, as well as the beginning of acquaintance with local cuisine.
Visiting: Lisbon, Lisbon District

Day 2: Fascinating views of Lisbon

Today prepares us a lot of interesting things. First of all, our plans include a long walk along the street of the capital and acquaintance with its stunning architecture. In addition, we will visit various viewing platforms and small shops.
Visiting: Lisbon

Day 3: Historical heritage of the capital

In the midst of our trip, we plan to devote a whole day to the study of historical heritage and culture of the capital. We will also take a walk through neat and picturesque streets and visit several museums.
Visiting: Lisbon

Day 4: Magnificent views of Cascais

Today we plan to leave the Portuguese capital and head west along the coast to a small town called Cascais. Beautiful landscapes, interesting architecture, picturesque beaches and delicious food await us here.
Visiting: Cascais, Lisbon

Day 5: Farewell to the city.

Today is the last morning of our journey, and in order to make the most of it, we have included walks in the most memorable part of the city, as well as breakfast in a pleasant restaurant.
Visiting: Cascais, Lisbon