See medieval fortresses. Visit an art museum. Plunge into the atmosphere of the era.

 Historical heritage: Koporye and Ivangorod

This route is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. We will go to the western borders of our country, we will see the oldest medieval fortresses, which served as a shield for Russian lands. We will visit the steep slopes of Maiden's Mountain, which offer a picturesque view of the Narva River and the Estonian castle of the same name, as well as get acquainted with the works of the outstanding graphic artist I.J. Bilibin.

Historical heritage: Koporye and Ivangorod

1 day itinerary by Anna Akimenko - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: From Coporje to Ivangorod.

On this trip today we will visit two cities - Koporje and Ivangorod. We will admire huge fortresses, get acquainted with art, and in particular we will get to the current exhibition "Ivangorod in the past" and enjoy the picturesque views.
Visiting: Ivangorod, Gorki, Kopor'ye, Saint Petersburg, Kingisepp, Centralniy, Narva