BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche . Road trip in southern Germany . SPA retreat in the middle of the journey.

Grand Auto Museums Tour

How to combine a journey with something that the vast majority of men will love? And to make it interesting also for the ladies? How do you like the idea of a week-long trip to museums of BMW, AUDI, Mercedes and Porsche? In the middle of the road there is a surprise in the form of a night in a SPA hotel.

Grand Auto Museums Tour

8 days itinerary by Andrew Mel - History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Start of the journey in Munich

Whenever your stay in Munich starts, rent a car, get yourself comfortable, check-in to your first lodging and enjoy the evening!
Visiting: Munich, Stuttgart

Day 2: BMW Museum and other leisure in Munich

On this day, you will visit the iconic BMW museum and have some real fun on the local river.
Visiting: Munich, Stuttgart

Day 3: Audi Museum and Ingolstadt

After a short drive to the north of Munich, you will arrive in Ingolstadt where the Audi Museum is located. Stay here for a while and enjoy fresh air walks in the local parks before tasty dinner with a cup of nice beer.
Visiting: Ingolstadt, Munich, Stuttgart

Day 4: SPA Relaxation

On your way to Stuttgart, make a long stop at one of the SPA hotels along the route, for example, in the town of Aalen. Relax and enjoy your stay.
Visiting: Aalen, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart

Day 5: Arrival in Stuttgart

While driving to the city, make sure to visit the beautiful Kloster Lorch and when you are in Stuttgart, you can explore the city by visiting some of the most interesting sights it has to offer.
Visiting: Aalen, Esslingen, Lorch, Schorndorf, Stuttgart

Day 6: Mercedes museum, urban beach, tasty food and drinks

On this day, you will visit the 3-rd automotive museum of this trip. In the afternoon, enjoy the local urban beach if the weather is good. If it's not, proceed to restaurants and bars.
Visiting: Stuttgart

Day 7: Porsche Museum and some shopping

On the final day of the trip before departure, you will visit the Porsche Museum located between Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg. In the afternoon, go out to the local markets and shops to buy some souvenirs or some other stuff.
Visiting: Stuttgart

Day 8: Free time and departure

This day is the departure day. If you have free time, enjoy it as you wish.
Visiting: Stuttgart