try the Pskov rye, blueberry compote and winter flapjacks . buy edible souvenirs made by Stolbushin monks . try Pushkin's favourite dishes . hit the family cheese factory and apiary . to learn the secrets of bread baking and drinking traditions in Russia . pancake a year ahead . .

Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region

The reason for this trip will be local delicacies of the Pskov and Smolensk regions, as well as farm traditions of the Moscow region. You will visit a real cheese dairy and an apiary, learn how to bake bread, have lunch in Pushkin style, taste dishes unknown before. Gastronomic adventures will be diluted with walks in nature reserves (when you still walk in the swamps!) and ancient Russian cities.

Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region

6 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Gastronomy Tour - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour

Day 1: Family farms, cheese and Yakut delicacies

This day we will spend in the fresh air - visit two family farms, learn about the secrets of cheese production, try bread by an old Russian recipe and Yakut delicacies.
Visiting: Pul'nikovo, Teryayevo, Tiliktino, Moscow, Volokolamsk, Zubtsov

Day 2: Colorful Rzhevsky Market and Central Forest Reserve

On the second day, we'll go (and pass) a little bit more. In the morning we will buy farm products at the rye market, then we will go to conquer Tver forests and swamps. We'll have a beautiful dinner: on the shore of Lake Zhizhitskoe in the Pskov region, in an elegant restaurant of Russian cuisine.
Visiting: Velikiye Luki, Pul'nikovo, Rzhev, Lastovka, Poselok Zapovednyy, Zapadnaya Dvina

Day 3: Polistovsky Reserve, Pushkin's favorite dishes and monastic delicacies

In the morning we'll go for a walk in the swamps of the Polistovsky reserve, and after the walk we'll be refreshed with "zhezhenka" and flapjacks with blueberry compote. In the afternoon we'll spend in the Pushkin Mountains: find out what dish the great poet has invented, taste his favorite delicacies and buy edible souvenirs made by the monks of Stolbushinsky monastery.
Visiting: Velikiye Luki, Bezhanitsy, Zagoski, Troykino, Altun, Pushkinskiye Gory

Day 4: Apiary, distillery, tea party on Nikulin's estate and Smolensk pancakes.

In the morning, we'll visit the real apiary and try the honey chocolate. Then we'll gaze at the ruins of an old distillery and drink tea and cakes at the house of Yuri Nikulin. We'll spend the evening in Smolensk. In one of the best restaurants of the city we'll taste regional dishes: get ready for the pancake attack!
Visiting: Smolensk, Velikiye Luki, Tronino, Demidov, Velizh, Usvyaty

Day 5: Magnificent Smolensk, traditions of drinking in Russia and history of bread.

We will spend almost the entire fifth day of the trip in Smolensk. We will walk around the city, visit war memorials, admire the view of the city from high hills. We will also visit the workshop, where we will be taught to bake bread and tell about the traditions of drinking in Russia.
Visiting: Smolensk, Vyaz'ma, Katyn', Safonovo, Lyadno

Day 6: Vyazemsky cakes, openworked pancakes in Gagarin and Georgian khinkali in Moscow region

From Vyazma we will bring traditional Vyazma gingerbread, in Gagarin we will have a look at the Russian hut and taste openwork pancakes with heat and dust. We will stop for fresh farm produce at the eco-manor "Vankovo" and finish our trip in a beautiful Georgian restaurant.
Visiting: Vyaz'ma, Moscow, Gagarin, Petelino, Kamennaya Gora, Sivkovo