Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region – Day 2: Colorful Rzhevsky Market and Central Forest Reserve

On the second day, we'll go (and pass) a little bit more. In the morning we will buy farm products at the rye market, then we will go to conquer Tver forests and swamps. We'll have a beautiful dinner: on the shore of Lake Zhizhitskoe in the Pskov region, in an elegant restaurant of Russian cuisine.
Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Ржевский продуктовый рынок


Indoor food market Rzheva immediately attracts attention. For starters - with its architectural solution. And second, the variety of products: local honey, a variety of sausages and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, delicious Korean pickles and marinades, homemade dairy products and dried fruits. Prices here are about 30% cheaper than in Moscow. Buy at the food market to your home and on the road: in a couple of hours you will have a long forest trip. *" The market is only open on weekends, 08:00 to 17:00.

Центрально-Лесной заповедник

Nature Preserves

The reserve in the southwest of the Valdaja Hill is a perfect place for a walk. Six environmental trails, ranging in length from 900 metres to 20 kilometres, continue through the territory. I suggest choosing the most popular route No. 3 - "Verkhovoye bog - Staroselsky moss". The length of the route is 17.5 km. Partial access by car is possible, and then the route will be about 5.5-7.5 km. On this way you will get acquainted with the ethnography of the last village in the reserve, flora and fauna of the southern taiga. The section of the path passes through bogs - the path is equipped with a boardwalk and an observation tower. In the forests you can find traces of wild animals - bears, wild boars and elks. The meat of these animals is also used in the kitchen of the Tver region. On the way, you'll meet "The Curly Parking". Of course, the Curviches never lived on it. But the name is chosen not casually: Krivichi and Slovene were the first Slavic tribes which have come in 1 thousand AD to territory of Russian Plain. On a table in a gazebo it is convenient to lay out food and have a delicious lunch.

Amaris Hotel



After the excursion in the reserve we continue our way to the west. On the way we will stop at the town of Western Dvina. The town is famous for milk production and woodworking industry. There is a cute park and a water tower, which was built at the beginning of the last century. Interesting: on Nekrasova Street you can find an old Jewish cemetery. The last burial is said to have happened in 1994. It turns out that once there was a large Jewish community in the Western Dvina.

ресторан "Волынь"


Dinner at the restaurant "Volyn", on the shore of Lake Zhizhitskoe. The menu contains the best dishes of Russian and European cuisine, created from the products of our own farm. For example, here you can taste an olive of pheasant fillet with red caviar, triple ear with garden roots and fish pie or Zhyzhitsky line with aromatic herbs.