Gastronomic variety and colour of the Ribeira market. Viewpoints and breathtaking views of Boca do Inferno. The main squares, monuments and the famous Jesus King. Natural Park Arrabida. The legendary museum of painted azulezhu tiles. Palaces and castles of the region.

Gastronomic Thread: Tomar, Sintra and Lisbon

Each journey is a new book, on pages of which the traveller absorbs the sounds and flavours, colours and character of a place. A gastronomic journey does not mean that you will not learn anything about sights and local people. This scenario of gastronomic thread links Lisbon and the surrounding small towns. Each place will carry a cognitive element, impressions that will answer the question: why in this city is this kind of cuisine, people, restaurants and cafes. This scenario is the selection of the brightest culinary places that give a complete impression of the local cuisine, interspersed with unique monuments of culture, history and nature, meetings with new people and participating in the life of the city.

Gastronomic Thread: Tomar, Sintra and Lisbon

7 days itinerary by Alex Korneev - History and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Acquaintance

Well, there you are in Lisbon! The first day can be a little fussy: take a car, get to the hotel, check in, exhale :) Choose early flights early, so that you have time for different force majeure. However, a city tour and a delicious dinner are waiting for you.
Visiting: Lisbon

Day 2: The Templar legacy

There's gonna be a little journey out there today, not north and inland. We will be visiting the Templars all day and studying their rich heritage. And by evening we will return to Lisbon full of impressions with a suitcase.
Visiting: Lisbon, Tomar

Day 3: To the west!

The first half of the day is in Lisbon. Moreover, a market visit is planned for the morning. There are some shopaholics who can't leave the market empty-handed (in fact, everybody will carry a lot!) - if you are one of them, you should be afraid in advance. Then we will go west and settle in Cascais. And what kind of dinner is planned!
Visiting: Lisbon, Cascais, Rinchoa

Day 4: Relaxation

Cascais is perfect for a walk. Beautiful buildings, wonderful restaurants, breathtaking views and the beach. A great combination to stay here for a while.
Visiting: Cascais

Day 5: Adventure

Tonight we're going south through Lisbon. Cross the Tahoe River and head south to enjoy stunning ocean views and explore the national park. It will be a long and exciting day!
Visiting: Cascais, Almada, Lisbon, Calhariz, Sesimbra

Day 6: The beauty of Sintra

This day is dedicated to Sintra. A magical beauty that reveals itself in different ways in sunny or rainy weather. If you like to get up early, there is a chance to find these places more or less free from tourists. Get ready to take a lot of pictures - even if you're not a fan of capturing everything on your smartphone or camera, you won't be able to refuse it.
Visiting: Sintra, Cascais

Day 7: Time to go home

Last day. Take your time to buy gifts if you've put them off for the last day. Surely you don't want to leave these beautiful places. Then you will have to come back. Portugal is worth it.
Visiting: Lisbon, Sintra