From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history – Day 1: Wonderful experiences in Gatchina and Ivangorod.

Today we will start our journey from the Gatchina Palace, visit Ivangorod fortress and walk along the local Promenade.
From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

Trip duration: 4 days

Olesya Ponomaryova

Hyundai Solaris

Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)


Today's journey will begin with the Gatchina Palace. Amazingly fitting into the surrounding landscape, it looks a little strict, but at the same time very harmonious. The palace was created by an Italian architect at the request of Empress Catherine II for Grigory Orlov. The impressive palace resembles both a nobleman's manor and a castle in the English style, which is facilitated by two strict towers, one with a clock and the other with a lightning rod. Semicircular passages lead to the kitchen and stables. They built a palace for five years. After Grigory Orlov's death, Catherine bought the palace from her heirs and gave it to her son Paul. We really liked it here. It feels like it's all soaked in history, our history. It's an extraordinary experience.

Tikhy Dvorik

Ivangorod castle (Ивангородская крепость)


On the bank of the Narva River, on the Maiden Hill there is Ivangorod Fortress. It was erected under Ivan III and named after him. They built it for protection from the Livonian Order. From time to time it passed from hand to hand, but in spite of that, it still gives the impression of a majestic outpost on our shore. Now the fortress has several mighty towers, the fortress wall, the Assumption and St. Nicholas churches, an arsenal and internal structures. It's interesting and instructive. And compared to the fortress on the other bank, it is much more powerful.

Тихий дворик

Pizza Places, Cafés

After acquaintance with the fortress, we'll go to dinner. Alas, in Ivangorod there were not so many cafes, and we chose "Quiet Yard". We spent the evening in a cozy cafe, had a pizza and continued our journey.


Pedestrian Plazas

After a very hearty dinner, we decided to go for a walk. And we made ourselves a promenade. That's the name of the place. And everyone walks here to their own taste: who feeds the ducks, who catches the fish (and she is here, and not only that, caught! We saw!), but we just walked along the river and enjoyed the fresh air.