From Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan: harmony with nature – Day 4: Grigoryevskoe Gorge, Dolon Pass and Son-Kol Lake

We explore the last two points near Lake Issyk-Kul - the Museum of Petroglyphs and the Grigoryevskoe Gorge, then go to Lake Son-Kul and on the way to admire the majestic and mighty Dolon. This day is the most intense, but at the same time longest. Be sure to stock up on drinking water and snacks for a comfortable ride!
From Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan: harmony with nature

Trip duration: 6 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Святилища Древних Солнцепоклонников

Historic Sites

It's not really a museum, it's an open-air treasure! There are a lot of stones that were once formed by the glaciers. Many of them have preserved the most ancient drawings of animals and various hunting scenes dating back to the second millennium BC. Historians say that such images are associated with religious rituals. In addition to boulders, there are also balballs - Turkic stone sculptures and relics of ancient stone walls. It's better to go to the museum early in the morning, when in the rays of the rising sun you can fully see the outlines of the drawings.

Caprice Restaurant


After the Petroglyphs Museum we will have breakfast at the Caprice Restaurant, which is located on the territory of the Caprice Restaurant. Tourists who come here to rest, recommend desserts, such as apple strudel or baked goods.

Григорьевское Ущелье


The place is the main place for jailo-tourism. Grigorievskoe gorge is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Issyk-Kul. The valley of the gorge stretches along the Kungei Ala-Too Ridge and runs parallel to the shoreline of the small Issyk-Kul Lake. The area is home to thick stripes of Tien Shan firs. On the winding roads of the gorge among the forests you can reach the largest glacier in Teskey-Ala-Too Glacier Kolpakovsky. Next to Grigorievskiy gorge there is also Semenovskiy gorge.



On the way to the next natural site you can stop at this cafe and have a delicious lunch. There's a wi-fi.

Bishkek Centrum Hotel



The Dolon Pass is a popular place among many tourists and locals. The height of the pass is about 3030 meters. From the top of the Dolon Pass you can see incredible views of the entire Tien Shan mountain range, as well as their eternal snows and glaciers. The sun's rays sparkle on the snow and glaciers as if they were playing with them. This type of experience leaves a deep feeling in your soul that you will remember for a long time.



Another habitat for the locals is Lake Song-Kul. Unlike Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul freezes and covers all three months of winter (or even longer) with ice. The lake is located on a mountain plain surrounded by endless meadows. They have been used locally as pastures for animals since the oldest years. Shepherds bring animals to the lake for the summer and live in yurts. In winter, they can also be found, but in fewer numbers.

Дуц Сооада Борбору Кочкор

Fruit & Vegetable Stores

On your way to Bishkek, stop by the fruit shop and buy fresh fruit for the rest of your journey.

Ropejump 3


We will pass through this bridge, which offers a beautiful view of the numerous slopes of the mountains. Take a break here for a while and get back on the road!

Бухара Ассорти


Bukhara Assorted Restaurant with different kinds of cuisines and large delicious portions of dishes. Look at the pictures! Visitors are recommended to try the signature samsa and festive pilaf.