From Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan: harmony with nature – Day 2: Alma-Arasan National Park and Charyn Canyon

We start our rich trip through Almaty region, located in the south-east of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the way you will come across two unusually beautiful national parks, and at the same time - completely different. This is where you will come into contact with the grandeur of nature, and this is just the beginning.
From Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan: harmony with nature

Trip duration: 6 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Asian BarBeQue

Asian Restaurants, Korean Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants

This restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so it is open even in the early morning. The meat is cooked in front of you and there are many different snacks and desserts. What tourists love: Kimchi Tage soup, fried manti, kuksi with rice noodles, meat and pepper, cheesecake. Cards are accepted, there's wi-fi.

Алма-Арасан / Alma-Arasan

National Parks

This huge national park has not only a unique natural treasure, but also an abundance of various hot springs, restaurants and cafes, and in winter there is a ski resort!

Del Mar

Seafood Restaurants, Mediterranean Restaurants

After a walk in the park we relax and enjoy fresh seafood in the atmosphere of pleasant music. Of course, you should try the freshest fish, seafood sautés and Far Eastern crab. The interior is chic and the staff is professional. There is a bar with a full range of drinks. The sommelier helps with the choice. Restaurant opening hours: from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. There are wi-fi, payment by card is possible.

озеро маловодное


On the way we'll find another small lake, no less picturesque.

Ущелье Кокпек

Nature Preserves

On the way to Charyn canyon we find Kokpek gorge. In the Kokpeksky Gorge of the Sogetinskiye Mountains there are very picturesque rocks. Tourists with good imagination see the outlines of huge dinosaurs among the rocks :)

Sharyn Canyon (Шарын шатқалы)

National Parks

Charyn Canyon is located in the territory of the Charyn National Park and is composed of sedimentary rocks that have existed on the ground for more than 12 million years. In order to descend into the gorge, it is necessary to walk down the path on foot, as it will be difficult to descend there by car, so it is better to leave the car nearby. There are many legends and secrets about this magical place. Local stone sculptures were called "Witch's Lesson", "Stone Bag" and Dragon Canyon. In ancient times, people believed that spirits lived here. According to tourists, the gorge itself seems to be whistling or making a strange noise. In winter (preferably in February), it is much easier to visit this national park, and there is almost no snow in the gorge.

Кенч / Kench


We get to Caracol and finish the evening at this cafe. The cafe is famous for its diverse range of drinks. Tourists mark a kebab of duck and lamb.