Get to the Christmas market in Vienna.. Enjoy the aesthetics of Salzburg's architectural buildings.. See the picturesque landscapes and historic castles of the Wachau Valley on the Danube.. Inspire by the beauty of the Austrian lakes.. Try Austrian national cuisine and delicious beer.. See other equally attractive cities such as Linz, Gmunden and Graz.. .

From Austria with love

Austria is a country of contrasts. It combines the magnificence of the natural landscapes of the majestic mountains and the purest lakes, the historical depth of its cities, and, of course, the aesthetics of architectural buildings that combine all sorts of styles for centuries. Dive into an era of historic, dilapidated castles, enjoy the most delicious Austrian dishes and drive among the incredible landscapes of this wonderful country. Winter Austria will greet you with numerous Christmas markets, festivals, bright illumination of the main city squares, talented street musicians and create the atmosphere of a true fairy tale. Vienna, Linz, Gmunden, Salzburg, Graz and other ancient cities with great history and wonderful panoramas await you on this route. The script is perfect for a romantic trip or a trip with friends and family.

From Austria with love

7 days itinerary by Viktoria Afanaseva - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Holiday Vienna

We begin our travels with the beautiful romantic city of Vienna. Vienna is a wonderful place to spend a few days in winter and to get an unforgettable impression of the charm of Christmas fairs and festivals, the aesthetics of architectural buildings and melodic songs from different parts of the city. After your arrival in Vienna, we offer you dinner in one of the best restaurants of the Mediterranean cuisine, and then a walk through the evening park. Tomorrow you will have an incredibly rich cultural day!
Visiting: Vienna

Day 2: Vienna's cultural wealth combined with the aesthetics of parks and traditional Viennese desserts

As they say, if you haven't been to Vienna for a day, then you haven't been to Austria at all! Today's your day is full of contrasts! You will see the most famous architectural sights, majestic castles and palaces, as well as get aesthetic pleasure from visiting museums and enjoy the coziness of Christmas markets. All this is accompanied by rest in popular Austrian restaurants, and the most fascinating thing for dessert - the Viennese opera!
Visiting: Vienna

Day 3: Wachau Valley on the Danube and the city of Linz

Today, you'll have to drive through a number of towns to reach the next stopover point, the city of Linz, but before you do, you'll stop in the famous Wachau Valley, which amazes with its scenic beauty and the vast Danube River. There you will also see majestic castles and monasteries with interesting history.
Visiting: Vienna, Linz, Kamp, Schallaburg, Krems an der Donau, Aggstein, Duernstein

Day 4: From Linz to Salzburg: The city of ceramics Gmunden

We continue our journey and move from Linz to Salzburg, on the way to the town of Gmunden and its treasures: Lake Traunse and the castle of Ort. In Salzburg you will find the stunning Mirable Palace, the main square of the city and the St. Peter's Church - the pearls of the city and important places in terms of history.
Visiting: Salzburg, Linz, Gmunden

Day 5: Bad Reichenhall in Germany and second day in Salzburg

The fifth day can be called a day of pleasure! You'll be visiting Bad Reichenhall is a wonderful little town in the south of Germany and then continue to explore all the charms of Salzburg's culture and entertainment.
Visiting: Salzburg, Bad Reichenhall, Altheim, Bergheim

Day 6: The ancient city of Graz

The last town we'll stay in is the historic town of Graz. The pearl of the city is the ancient Main Square, where the stunning beauty of the Town Hall is located. Shops and restaurants are located right on the narrow, winding streets that combine Renaissance architecture with Baroque style. Cable car to the top of Mount Schlossberg and the ancient clock tower. On the other bank of the Moore River is the futuristic building of the Kunsthaus Museum of Modern Art. On the way to Graz you will see the purest lakes and mighty mountains, which will also leave you with pleasant memories.
Visiting: Graz, Salzburg, Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn, Altmunster, Hohentauern

Day 7: The road to Vienna

This is our last day on the road. On the way to Vienna, there is an unusual castle that you can see for yourself. On the way there is a shopping mall and gas station where you can buy the necessary products and things.
Visiting: Vienna, Graz, Wiener Neustadt, Riegersburg, Ilz