From Austria with love – Day 6: The ancient city of Graz

The last town we'll stay in is the historic town of Graz. The pearl of the city is the ancient Main Square, where the stunning beauty of the Town Hall is located. Shops and restaurants are located right on the narrow, winding streets that combine Renaissance architecture with Baroque style. Cable car to the top of Mount Schlossberg and the ancient clock tower. On the other bank of the Moore River is the futuristic building of the Kunsthaus Museum of Modern Art. On the way to Graz you will see the purest lakes and mighty mountains, which will also leave you with pleasant memories.
From Austria with loveFrom Austria with love

Trip duration: 7 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Kaffee Alchemie

Cafés, Coffee Shops

Small, cozy coffee shop with a view of the river, a little away from the tourist attractions. Good choice of desserts and delicious coffee. Try a cappuccino with a piece of carrot cake, chocolate brownie or New York cheesecake. The coffee shop is open from 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. on weekends.

Vorderer Langbathsee


One of the most beautiful natural places in Austria is considered to be Lake Forderer Lagbat. Surrounded by mountains, this small lake creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, despite the fact that it is popular with locals and tourists who come here all year round. Near the lake there is a recreation area with a restaurant, where you can have a tasty and relatively inexpensive snack. If you want to be alone, there is a road that goes around the lake in a circle and allows you to get to know this wonderful place. If you want to spend some time on the road in a natural fairy tale, be sure to visit Lake Forderer Lagbat.

Stausee Klaus


If you want to take very beautiful photos and have a romantic walk, be sure to go to Lake Stausee Klaus. This lake is located near the town of Steyrling and is popular with locals. If you rent a fun boat, you can explore the lake yourself, look at the beautiful views created by nature. Lake Stausee Klaus is rightly popular with professional photographers and amateurs, as the pure beauty of this place leaves an unforgettable impression.



Being in Austria, it is impossible to bypass Hohe Tauern (High Tauren), which stretches over a distance of more than 100 kilometers. First of all, the mountains are interesting for their natural component - coniferous forests, forms of relief similar to the alpine, glaciers and tributaries of the Saltzach River. The highest mountain in the country, Großglockkner, which reaches 3798 meters, deserves special attention. This mountain was first conquered by Martin Reicher in 1800. It has two peaks called Grosglocckner and Klinglocckner. The mountain is also famous for being the largest a glacier in Austria - Pasterce. The Grosglokkner Highway has been created to provide a convenient and quick view of the landscape and panorama of the area.

Schlosspark Eggenberg


In the old part of the Austrian town of Graz, there is its main attraction - Schlossberg Castle, which sounds like a "castle mountain" in translation. Built in 1125, the castle remained impregnable for almost seven hundred years and was taken only in 1809 by Napoleon's army after three fierce attacks. The castle is currently home to a military museum, which has been displaying weapons since the 16th century. The Clock Tower, built in 1265, will be interesting to visit. Before the restoration, the clock had only one hand, which showed only the clock. After sightseeing, you can eat deliciously in the local cafes and enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the walls of this magnificent building.

Kunsthaus Graz

Art Galleries

Kunsthaus is a place that amazes and amazes with one view. The museum, which has been working in Graz since 2003, is part of the European Capital of Culture programme. The museum hosts exhibitions of art of the second half of the 20th century. The very construction of the building was created on the basis of innovative ideas and contains a reinforced concrete frame combined with modern technology. For a creative person, the museum will become a real treasure trove, because here under one roof there are exhibitions on design, architecture, cinema and photography. There is also a shop in the museum where you can buy literature related to contemporary art.

Der Steirer

Austrian Restaurants, Wine Shops

The restaurant is located in a stone's throw from the center of Graz, stylish interior - everywhere shelves with wine, if you want you can buy a bottle, prices are democratic. Tourists like mushroom soup and turkey filet in sauce and lingonberry marinade, lentil soup, and Viennese schnitzel is better than in Vienna itself. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to midnight. It is possible to book a table in advance, as there are often a lot of people.



In 1625, Prince Hans Ulrich built the Eggenberg Castle in the Austrian city of Graz and established a beautiful park, which was a significant counterbalance to the turmoil of the time. The castle is known primarily for its 365 windows, 31 rooms on each floor and 4 corner towers, which are closely linked to the seasons and the Gregorian calendar. On the territory of the castle there is a Baroque chapel, which attracts attention with its festive view. The Eggenberg Castle now houses the Styria Provincial Museum, which can also be visited.



The heart of the Austrian city of Graz is the Hauptplatz square. The area has a triangular shape, which already makes it attractive. On the square there are several beautiful buildings with rich history. These include the town hall, built in the style of classicism in the late 19th century, which for a long time remained the center of political life of the city. The square also houses the oldest pharmacy in the city, built in 1534, which can be visited. The Lüghaus building and its frescoes created during the Renaissance deserve special attention. On the square is the fountain of Archduke John, who made a great contribution to the formation and development of the city, and the four figures of women adorning the fountain, we belong to the main rivers of the region.

Die Scherbe

Bars, Breakfast Spots, Restaurants

You can finish the evening in this elegant place, which is not only a high quality restaurant, but also a great bar with a huge range of different cocktails. Works till midnight