From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states... – Day 4: Incredible nature of the Mississippi.

Today we plan to leave Alabama state and go to Mississippi. In the morning we'll take a little walk in Birmingham, and then we'll go west. There are plans to visit several picturesque places in the state, including huge protected forests and small local parks.
From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states...

Trip duration: 8 days

Michael Hudson

Red Cat

Cafés, Coffee Shops

Today we have a very long journey planned, first we leave Birmingham, so we have to have a good breakfast before the long journey. That's why we went to the Red Cat Cafe. Inside the institution there is an unobtrusive and positive atmosphere, typical for small coffee houses. There are a lot of different cakes and pastries on the menu, we took some muffins, donuts and, of course, a glass of strong coffee.

Birmingham Zoo


Before you leave, of course it makes sense to visit one of the city's main attractions - Birmingham Zoo, which is also the largest zoo in the state. Animals from all over the world are gathered here and kept in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat. In addition, the zoo has a small cafe and a souvenir shop.

Tuscaloosa Riverwalk


We had been on the road for quite some time now, so as we drove past the small town of Tuscaloosa, we decided to make a small stop and get some fresh air in Tuscaloosa Riverwalk City Park. It is located in close proximity to the river, there are equipped picnic spots on the shore, as well as free parking.

Larkin's Restaurant & Deli

After a long walk as well as a long transfer we were tired and decided to stop at a small cozy restaurant Larkin's Restaurant & Deli. It serves traditional American cuisine - the menu includes a large selection of fried meat, burgers and sandwiches. We got our own fried wings as well as mashed potatoes.

Bonita Lakes Park


After lunch, we went further west. Passing by the small town of Meridian, we decided to stop at the local park Bonita Lakes. It is quite large, and there are several lakes on its territory, along the shores of which most locals like to relax. All necessary conditions have been created for this: picnic tables, paths and paths for walks and jogging near the banks and in the wooded part of the park, as well as beautiful gardens and pergolas.

Beinville National Forest


Central Mississippi is home to one of the state's main protected forests, the Beinville National Forest. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the state come here. For tourists there are special areas for fishing and camping, for cycling and hiking, for swimming and boating.



We didn't have time to get to Dallas today, so we decided to stay the night in Jaxon. Before returning to the hotel, they stopped by for dinner at Schlotzsky's restaurant. The institution is undoubtedly a success among locals, and this is not surprising, because it makes a great pizza, and a very large selection of sandwiches and burgers and other snacks.