From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states... – Day 3: Beauties of Alabama

Today, just after breakfast, we plan to leave Atlanta and head west towards Birmingham. On the way we intend to visit some picturesque places, and after a stroll through some popular places in the city.
From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states...

Trip duration: 8 days

Michael Hudson

Atlanta Breakfast Club

American Restaurants

After breakfast in the first half of the day we have to move quite a long way, so we had to have a good meal before departure, and for this we went to Atlanta Breakfast Club. The atmosphere here is very comfortable and calm. The dishes are served from the traditional breakfast menu, for example, we had pancakes with slices of peaches and an ice cream ball.

New Manchester & Sweetwater

National Parks

As we left Atlanta, we moved westward into the continent. On the way it was decided to make a small stop in the state park Sweetwater. Once inhabited by the Cherokee Indians, then a textile factory was founded here, and now it is a favorite place for locals to rest, fishing, picnics and hiking.

Talladega National Forest


One of the largest reserves in this strip is Talladega National Forest. It covers an area of about four hundred thousand acres and is home to many rare animal species, including white-tailed deer, several species of squirrels, raccoons and foxes. It will take a few days to see all the beauty of this reserve, so we limited ourselves to a walk in the roadside area.

Logan Martin Lake


The next stop for us was a huge reservoir called Logan Martin Lake. It is located near the small town of Riverside and is loved by local fishermen and holidaymakers. There are many different fish species in these waters, and small boat trips are especially popular among holidaymakers.


Latin American Restaurants

After a long drive, we decided to stop in Birmingham at the Latin American restaurant Rojo. There are several kinds of menus - gluten-free and vegetarian, traditional American and Latin American. We chose tacos and fajitas, as well as Caesar salad and homemade salad. Pleased to have a good selection of sandwiches and burgers on the American menu.

Vulcan Park and Museum

Scenic Lookouts

After arriving in Birmingham we decided to visit one of the main symbols of this city - Vulcan Park and Museum. Its main attraction is the observation deck in the center. It offers magnificent views of the city as well as the park and its neat and picturesquely landscaped areas.

Avondale Park


Avondale Park is one of Birmingham's premier vacation destinations for citizens. Its territory is a huge green massif, among which there is a fairly large lake. There are a variety of playgrounds, sports facilities and blossoming gardens throughout.

Chez Lulu

French Restaurants

Our stay in Birmingham was a bit long, so we decided to spend the night here, and before that to have dinner at the French restaurant Chez Lulu. The restaurant is arranged in a home-like cozy way - soft lighting, comfortable chairs and sofas and, of course, unobtrusive music. Among the many dishes of French cuisine, we chose homemade soup, as well as a special salad.