From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states... – Day 1: Evening walks on Atlanta

Today we arrive in Georgia's state capital, Atlanta. We do not have grand plans for the evening, we just intend to take a little walk in some picturesque place, and then spend the rest of the evening relaxing in a restaurant.
From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states...

Trip duration: 8 days

Michael Hudson

Volkswagen Jetta

Piedmont Park


In the evening, when we arrived in Atlanta, we wanted some fresh air so we went to Piedmont Park. The park is a real oasis of greenery in the big city - neat paths, small green areas, a place for walking dogs, as well as a very large picturesque lake and various sports fields.

South City Kitchen

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After a short walk in the park, we wanted to take a break, so we went to the South City Kitchen restaurant. In general, the restaurant is focused on traditional US cuisine with some features of the south. The menu includes many fish and seafood dishes as well as various salads and meat dishes. We liked crab soup and cauliflower with spices.