Florida Attractions and Beaches – Day 4: LEGO Magic Land

Today we are on our way to wonderful Legoland. Get ready for unforgettable emotions, breathtaking attractions, and plunging into the atmosphere of your favorite cartoons. In addition, the theme zones of the park have a lot to interest you.
Florida Attractions and Beaches

Trip duration: 7 days

Alexandr Kosar

Fortuna Bakery


Before you go on a long trip, it is important to be full and fit. To eat not just hearty, but also tasty, check out Fortuna Bakery. It offers welcoming attitude towards guests, and pastries of excellent quality. The highlights of the menu are magnificent fruit cakes, croissants and toasts are also great. By the way, the menu is not limited to sweets, you can choose meat dishes to your liking.


Theme Parks

LEGOLAND Florida is another small fairytale world where dreams come true. The park covers more than 60 hectares of land with fifty attractions, a water park, venues for shows and performances, and even a botanical garden, to say nothing of small shops and cafes. Visit the LEGO Star Wars universe and the pirate bay, feel the realism of the man-made world on 4D rides and, of course, be sure to check out the botanical garden, where incredible natural beauties are complemented by various LEGO figures and designs.

Tijuana Flats

Tex-Mex Restaurants

Only something really good is worth taking your eye off the amusement park. Well, what could be better than unsurpassed Mexican cuisine? Tijuana Flats is a place that proves simple dishes can be extremely tasty. The menu provides a huge selection of different burritos, tacos, chimichangas, enchiladas, fresh salads and many other classic dishes of Mexican cuisine.

Courtyard Tampa Westshore/Airport

Star Wars Miniland

Theme Park Rides/Attractions

One of the most popular areas in Legoland is Star Wars Miniland. Enjoy the most beautiful sights of the world small-scale model, made of construction toy. Walking here, you can literally feel like a giant Godzilla.

J. Burns Pizza

Pizza Places

On a long road trip, cozy cafe serving delicious food is a kind of an oasis in a stuffy desert for a traveler. J. Burns Pizza is our oasis, where we can enjoy quality pizza in a relaxed atmosphere. Highlights of the menu is chicken pizza and pizza barbecue. Delicious hot dogs are also great, they are quite numerous, so it shouldn't be hard to find something to your liking.