Family trip to the farms of the Leningrad Region – Day 1: Meet the ostriches and their feathered friends.

Did you know that such an unusual animal for us as an ostrich perfectly lives in the northern latitudes of our country? You'll have to see for yourself today. The first stop point is a real ostrich farm! Here you can even have a tea party. You will spend the afternoon in Vyborg, where you will stay overnight. Walk along the European streets, find monuments of the Middle Ages and have dinner in a real tavern.
Family trip to the farms of the Leningrad Region

Trip duration: 3 days

Darina Frantz

Страусиная ферма «Австралийский хутор»


An ostrich is an unpretentious bird that lives beautifully in northern latitudes. On an ostrich farm you can get to know this wild bird. The farm works even in winter at temperatures down to -25°C. Besides ostriches you can see other representatives of birds: hens, turkeys, peacocks and pheasants. Here you can order a tour with tea drinking or just wander around the farm, feeding birds by hand.

Victoria Hotel Vyborg

Ресторан "МореШаль"


You must be pretty hungry by now. You will spend this lunch in an equally attractive natural location surrounded by forest beauties. The restaurant of European cuisine with amazing view, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere. Try dishes cooked on open fire.

Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)


This most ancient castle was founded in the 13th century during the third Swedish Crusade. It is the main attraction of the city and its donjon, St. Olaf's Tower, is a universally recognized symbol. The main building of the castle houses the Vyborg Local History Museum, where many interesting exhibits are presented. The castle has long been the main venue for events, so you can get to a concert or festival, or even a knight tournament. Monday's a day off.

Часовая башня

Monuments / Landmarks

Make a stop and take a walk around the Clock Tower. Narrow European streets, ancient arches and quaint courtyards will surround you from all sides.


Bistros, Theme Restaurants

When you enter this restaurant, you get into the atmosphere of a medieval tavern. Inside there is dusk, candles burning. The service staff is dressed in antique and simple clothes. The menu is fully medieval. Be sure to try the branded soup, which is served in freshly baked bread.