Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C. – Day 9: Philadelphia Museums: Antiquity Time

The day is very educational both for children and their parents, because two extremely interesting museums are planned for today, one offers the skeletons of dinosaurs and other creatures of the Mezozoic era, and the other - exploration of the ancient civilizations. Have a final family trip dinner at a very authentic French restaurant.
Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C.

Trip duration: 10 days

Elena Sadchikova

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Cafés, Coffee Shops

La Colombe Coffe Roasters is considered one of the best coffee shops in Philadelphia for a reason. Coffee drinks here have a pronounced and intense aroma, you can buy coffee beans of any sort you like to enjoy the taste at home, remembering the finest moments of your family trip. As for breakfast - there is a dish for every taste: pastries, burgers, sandwiches, cereals and superfoods, for example, chia seeds with fruit.

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

History Museums

Explore the fascinating history of the mankind, world-famous unusual exhibits in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Have a closer look at the Sphinx, get an idea of the development of the art of ancient Rome and Greece, learn more about Canaan and Etruscan cultures and marvel at the skill of Chinese artisans here. And after exploring the museum expositions you can spend an active time in the park or on the embankment.


Salad Places, Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants

For more than ten years, the Sweetgreen restaurant has delighted visitors with tasty and healthy food, freshly prepared here, no ready-to-cook food, the ingredients are purchased only from reliable suppliers. You will always find fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality here. You can choose a main dish and a salad from the menu or compose a lunch of your choice from the available ingredients.

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

The first thing visitors see at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University when entering the museum is the giant skeleton of a tyrannosaur, more than forty feet long. More than thirty skeletons of these mighty prehistoric creatures are presented in the dinosaur hall, the museum also offers ancient fossils, dinosaur models of real size and many other interesting exhibits. The museum hosts thematic temporary exhibitions and children's educational programs during the year, check the schedule online on the official website.

Logan Square


Surrounded by museums, Logan Square is another favorite walking spot for locals. At its very center is a fountain, in the Art Nouveau style, built in the 20s of the last century, also known as the Fountain of the Three Rivers, which are embodied by three sculptures in the middle.


French Restaurants

Have a French final dinner in Philadelphia. The Parc Brasserie is perfect for this. In terms of atmosphere, the restaurant is very similar to traditional French restaurants, it offers excellent classic onion soup and serves delicious meats and seafood sets. Indulge in a creme brulee and apricot tart for a dessert, the dishes are delicious. Both locals and foreign tourists appreciate Parc Brasserie restaurant, so the evenings here are quite crowded and it’s better to book a table in advance on the restaurant’s website.