Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C. – Day 3: Your adventure starts now

Today, you can get closer to the stars in Washington Planetarium, look at the flowering of rare plants in the vast territory of the Botanical Garden, and then spend family time with joy and fun in an amusement park, where every member of the family can enjoy the entertainment.
Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C.

Trip duration: 10 days

Elena Sadchikova

The Coffee Bar

Coffee Shops

TCB is a very cozy coffee shop located in a low-rise historic building. There is quite a wide range of drinks: a variety of classic variations of coffee, tea, there are matcha lattes and special menus in place to provide seasonal variety, e.g. iced coffee or fruit smoothies. A great addition to the aromatic drink will be a croissant, donut, or soft waffles.

Albert Einstein Planetarium


The Washington Planetarium is interesting because by visiting it, you can get a complete and detailed picture of the conquest of the sky and space. Museum exhibits aircraft, from concepts by Leonardo da Vinci to modern space satellites. Also you can make a real intergalactic journey, thanks to modern technologies of three-dimensional visualization.

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens

Near the bustling streets of the metropolis, in an area of 700 acres, Kenilworth Park is located, a real paradise on earth, a fantastically beautiful park with a peaceful atmosphere. Most travelers visit the park in July, when beautiful lotuses are in full bloom. However, in other months, the park also remains an interesting place to visit, here you can not only explore rare and unusual plant species, but also watch wildlife and birds.

Wegmans Market Cafe

Food Courts, American Restaurants, Miscellaneous Shops

Market Cafe is a food court where you can taste dishes of different cuisines - here you can enjoy pizza, sushi, Mexican tacos, and a large selection of salads, side dishes and drinks. You can also have food to go - a convenient option for a road trip.

Courtyard by Marriott Bowie

Six Flags America

It's Family Fun Time! The Six Flags park offers entertainment for both the young tourists, for example, rides on a children's train, or the Ferris wheel, and fans of extreme sensations. These include, first of all, the Superman slide, whose height is more than two hundred feet. To freshen up on a hot day, take a ride on some of the myriad water attractions. If you get hungry while visiting the park, you can have a snack at one of the food courts right on site.

Olive Garden

Italian Restaurants

In the warm family atmosphere of the Olive Garden restaurant you can taste classic Italian dishes: pizza, pasta, ravioli, excellent desserts and wines. Facility staff is always friendly and glad to help visitors with a choice of dishes.