East of St. Petersburg: 6 cities, 2 Kremlin and 1 fortress. – Day 3: Vologda walks

We'll spend today in Vologda. We'll walk around the Vologda Kremlin, visit the Museum of Lace and the World of Forgotten Things. Then we'll go to Yaroslavl.
East of St. Petersburg: 6 cities, 2 Kremlin and 1 fortress.

Trip duration: 6 days

Alina Maslova

Coffee Cake Вологда


We'll start the morning in an atmospheric coffee shop with stylish surroundings. From the curious menu: smoothie bowl with strawberries, banana and granola, brioche with pâté egg, bacon, mushrooms and arugula, chia pudding on coconut milk. Bon appetit!

Софийский собор


Let's look into the cathedral erected in the second half of the 16th century by order of Ivan the Terrible. It is the oldest stone construction in Vologda. The cathedral is famous for its frescoes and iconostasis, which have reached us almost intact. The surface area, covered with frescoes, is 5 thousand sq.m. About 400 sq.m. is occupied by the "Last Judgment" - it is the most large-scale painting on this subject in our country.

Вологодский кремль

Historic Sites

Let's walk around the Vologda Kremlin, which, by the way, left only memories. The stone structure with more than 20 towers and a three-kilometer wall, built in 1567, gradually lost its importance. At the beginning of the XIX century it was decided to disassemble it for the construction of urban buildings. In addition to St. Sophia Cathedral and its bell towers (in good weather you can go up to the observation deck), you can see the Bishop's Court, Resurrection Cathedral and the Church of the Exaltation. Important: the Kremlin is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Музей кружева


Next to the creme, in the building of the city manor of the XIX century, there is a museum dedicated to the legendary local lace. The lace exposition area occupies the whole 600 sq.m. The total area of the museum is 1500 sq.m. Important: The museum is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

скамейка Посидим Поокаем

Scenic Lookouts

We will arrange a promenade through the Kremlin garden to the forged bench, thanks to which it was possible to immortalize the peculiarities of the Vologda verdict with dignity. Prepare your cameras, the view is amazing!

La Rosa Rossa

Italian Restaurants, Modern European Restaurants

We'll stop for lunch at a popular Italian restaurant with its own cheese factory. We recommend to pay attention to Kamchatka crab from the aquarium, rack of New Zealand lamb, branded pizza with mozzarella and Parma ham.

Музей "Мир забытых вещей"

History Museums

We will finish our acquaintance with Vologda in the museum dedicated to the culture and life of Vologgians in the pre-revolutionary era. Quite an impressive collection is located on 3 floors of a wooden mansion built in the XIX century. The young generation will undoubtedly appreciate the dollhouse, gramophone and harmonium. Important: The museum is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Церковь Николая Чудотворца


Let's go to Yaroslavl. On the way we will stop at St. Nicholas Church, which was restored in 1910 after a major fire that occurred in Danilov in the late XIX century.

Gazpromneft №20

Strelka (Стрелка)


We're in Yaroslavl. How about a walk at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers? Must do - photo at the monument to the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl.



Let's discuss impressions at a dinner in a restaurant located in a building which once belonged to the guild of Yaroslavl merchants. We advise you to take a look at the tasting set, which includes 7 tempting positions. Among them is gazpacho with crab doughnuts and foie gras ravioli, morelons and port wine sauce.

Памятник Ярославу Мудрому

Monuments / Landmarks

Before going to rest, we will admire the figure of Yaroslav the Wise, the founder of Yaroslavl, in the light of the night lights. By the way, would you please take 1,000 ruble bills out of your wallets? What a surprise!