Drive to the dense forests – Day 3: Exploring uncharted forests and lakes.

Today we leave Ryazan and go to Moscow. On the way we plan to make several stops in the wild and almost uncharted forests, as well as visit the beaches on the Oka River and small lakes.
Drive to the dense forests

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar


Cafés, Buffets

The next morning, we were in the closet! Don't worry, it's just a creative name for a very good local restaurant. Interesting interior - eclectic, but at the same time calm, hospitable staff, fragrant coffee and a large selection of dishes, breakfast can be at least oatmeal with fruit, even juicy steak.

Остров "Баунти"


And our first stop on the way to Moscow was the sandy coast of the river Oka in the area of a small village Perevitsky Torzhok. The beach is rather far away from the settlements, though it can't be called small. In the middle of the river there is a small sandy island with trees, where you can also swim if you want.

Луховицкий лес


On our way to Moscow we made a stop in Lukhovitsky forest, located right along Novoryazanskoye highway. The roadside territory here is occupied by a small number of houses and buildings, but a little further on the real thick thicket begins, where you can occasionally stumble upon a clearing or go out to a small pond or swamp.


Donut Shops

To the doughnut shop for a quick snack. If you have already had time to fatten up your appetite, I'm in a hurry to please you, it sells not only baked goods, but also full meals.

Беспятово, "Тихий Пляж"


The next stop is a pond in the small village of Bespyatovo. Approximately half of the southern coast is occupied by village houses and private plots, but then begins the dense forest and wild beaches, where you can not hear and see the city hustle and bustle. There is also a beach on the north coast, after which the forest begins again.

Октябрьский Лес


About 6 kilometers away from MKADA we made a stop in the October forest, which is located to the east of a small town Dzerzhinsky. The forest itself is quite extensive and quiet, rarely one can meet holidaymakers. If you go deep, you can go to Lytkarinskiy quarry.

Дон Панэ


We're having dinner in Dzerzhinsky, too. If you want to eat a delicious pizza with a huge layer of juicy stuffing, you at "Don Panet".