Culture of Scotland: Castles and Architecture of Glasgow – Day 7: Scottish сulture

Today you will see a ruined castle with a history that began in the 15th century. Then you will get acquainted with the abbey of the 11th century which was visited by Mary Stuart.
Culture of Scotland: Castles and Architecture of Glasgow

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Castle Kennedy

General Entertainment

Kennedy Castle was first founded in 1482. In 1608, John F. Kennedy built a modern castle, which in 1677 went to James Dalrymplu along with the lands, and his heirs laid out gardens here. In 1867, another Lochinch Castle was built in front of the ruins. It is a large and comfortable Victorian house, equipped with the latest technology. There are many delicate plants in the garden, including rare rhododendrons that bloom in spring, and at an altitude of 17 meters the highest in the British Isles is the New Zealand Kalanchoe (Pittosporumtenuifolium).

Glenluce Abbey

Historic Sites

The abbey was founded in the 11th century. It was visited by the ruling persons of Scotland (Mary Stuart, Robert the Bruce, etc.). In the process of reformation it was abolished. Buildings gradually collapsed. Currently you can see only the ruins. Officially the abbey is open only in summer you can easily view everything. There is some small museum room that closed for fall, but everything else can be safely seen. Around the abbey picturesque surroundings.

Mr Basrai's World Buffet


This restaurant specializes in Chinese and Indian cuisines. Many visitors are advised to order mouth-watering Mexican steaks, sushi and pizza. For dessert, try delicious pudding, ice cream and apple crumble. According to customer reviews, chocolate frappe is not bad here.

Scottish Maritime Museum

History Museums

Learn about the importance of Scotland for maritime history, as well as the people who built and sailed on Scottish ships around the world. Build and test your own boat model or learn how to maneuver a remote-controlled boat in our inner pond. A wonderful museum that will interest visitors of all ages. Well presented and shown information about the exhibits.

University of Glasgow

The largest university in Scotland, which is included in the list of leading educational institutions in the UK, as well as 1% of the best places to study in the world. The university was founded in 1451, its graduates are seven Nobel laureates. The university consists of four colleges, each of which, in turn, includes several faculties. The institution owns an outstanding library, which stores rare works written in the era of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The university has students from dozens of countries. You can get inside freely, moreover, there is a free museum with a variety of exhibits.

Ox and Finch


Ox and Finch offers Scottish and Spanish cuisine. Order amazing ox meat, sea trout and scallops here. For dessert they offer a good orange pudding, orange parfait and coconut ice cream. The wine list is very diverse in this institution. Great service is a big plus of this restaurant.