Cultural Heritage of Ancient Cities – Day 5: Moving west.

Today we leave Veliky Novgorod and move towards Kingisepp. We'll drive through the towns of Luga. On the way we plan to visit some of its sights, as well as take a walk through some historical places.
Cultural Heritage of Ancient Cities

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar

Cafe Le Chocolat

Restaurants, Cafés

The day starts at the cozy Cafe Le Chocolat. Its interior is made in a very stylish and atmospheric way. There are many different dishes in the menu, many visitors praise the sushi, as well as fish fillet with vegetables. We liked curd and berry roll and spaghetti with chanterelles.

Памятник Городу-герою


Since we had quite a long road ahead of us, we wanted to take a short break to walk in the small town of Luga. We decided to stay in the very center of the city not so far from the square, where the memorial "City of Military Glory" is located. The place looks very neat and well-groomed, you can make some memorable shots and have a rest from the trip.

Храм Св. Николая Римско-католической церкви


Another interesting place in the city of Luga is the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, located on Uritsky Avenue. The building was built of red brick in the traditional Neo-Gothic style, and after final restoration in the 90s it was included in the list of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.


Modern European Restaurants, Cafés, Karaoke Bars

In order not to be distracted by any needs on our next trip, we decided to have lunch a little early in the city of Luga. Café of modern European cuisine called "Chaplin" fit perfectly. The choice of dishes here was very extensive, we noticed several kinds of cakes and pancakes.

Отель Лев

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

History Museums

The museum-estate "Rozhdestvenno" is a unique house, built back in the times of the Russian Empire. At different times this place was owned by quite famous people: this is the merchant dynasty of the Rukavishnikovs, and the family of the famous Russian writer Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov. The estate is located in a very picturesque place, so the walk itself will be pleasant.

Кирха Св. Иоанна, дер. Губаницы


Lutheran churches were not often on our way, so on our way to Kingisepp we decided to make a stop in the village of Gubanitsa to see the famous church of St. John. It was built in traditional Gothic style during the reign of Peter the Great. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times during its history, and in the early 90's it was fully restored.

The Collection

Gastropubs, Irish Pubs

When we arrived at Kingisepp, we felt pretty tired, so we went straight to dinner. There's a nice gastropub on Karl Marx Avenue called The Collection. We ordered ourselves some pork steaks, and the side dishes we liked were mashed potatoes. The service of the restaurant is very fast, on the whole we were satisfied.