Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs – Day 4: The nature of Colorado Springs

We have arrived at our next destination and continue our journey. The day is literally planned by the minute. Beautiful, memorable landscapes, delicious food... What could be better?
Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs
Travel distance by car: 142 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Denver, Colorado Springs

Trip duration: 7 days

Darcy Moore

Jelly Cafe

Breakfast Spots

It's a great breakfast place, located in the middle of Denver. Loyal prices, the opportunity to take food with you. The choice of dishes for breakfast is quite large, here and a few options for punkeys, and there are sweet, and with bacon, and French toast, and eggs Benedict. My choice of toast with avocado and mozzarella cheese is delicious, nourishing and useful.

Garden of the Gods


Very popular place to visit! At the centre of the visitors and nature of the Garden of the Gods, next to the entrance to the park, free lectures on local nature are held every day. There is no doubt that this object is obligatory for visiting! What is the park like? Red rocks, unusual shapes - a majestic landscape! The presence of civilized pedestrian routes made us very happy, so we did not have to climb the mountain.

Econo Lodge Downtown Colorado Springs

Urban Steam


The coffee shop is a 25-minute drive from the Garden of the Gods. It's a noteworthy establishment. I suggest you try some Irish coffee, it's delicious here! The lunch menu is not very big, but all the dishes ordered were very tasty, I had a burger and a salad, and I liked everything.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space


You'll have a beautiful view of the red rocks, it's definitely a great place to take a panoramic photo! Be sure to take a bottle of water with you, because you may want to drink outdoors and there are no shops nearby. Nearby there is a large free parking lot, so parking your car will not be difficult.

High Point Overlook

Scenic Lookouts

Let's visit another observation deck, so that we can thoroughly remember all the bizarre features of Colorado nature and take more pictures to remember. How marvelous are the creations of nature! How does she create such masterpieces?

The Rabbit Hole

New American Restaurants

Let's finish our hard and busy dinner at The Rabbit Hole. Facility's atmosphere is very pleasant, unusual interior, original location, polite and friendly staff.

Econo Lodge Downtown Colorado Springs

It's time to rest in a cozy hotel. This day was not an easy one, but we visited the unique natural attractions and lookout points of Colorado Springs. See you tomorrow, traveler. New adventures and discoveries ahead!