Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs – Day 3: Art and history of Denver

The final day in Denver, tomorrow we will go to the next point on our route - Colorado Springs. Today we will visit two famous museums and go to the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park!
Colorado Nature and Attractions: Trip from Denver to Colorado Springs
Travel distance by car: 277 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Denver, Evergreen, Fall River Estates Subdivision, Estes Park, Colorado Springs

Trip duration: 7 days

Darcy Moore

Country Road Cafe

Breakfast Spots

They found out about this place by chance and did not regret visiting it at all! The menu has dishes suitable for vegetarians, large portions, and the ratio of price to quality, as well as service are very pleased! The cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

History Colorado Center

History Museums

An interesting and very entertaining museum, where you can lose track of time and spend many hours. Expositions are very rich and informative, visiting this museum you learn a lot about the history of Colorado and, in particular, Denver. An interesting feature of the museum is that the real old things here are located next to the video projections on the walls, which creates the effect of immersion in the Denver life of the early twentieth century.

Osteria Marco

Italian Restaurants

Italian cuisine is always beautiful! The facility is located in a very atmospheric and harmonious place. Large selection of wines, cozy atmosphere and still pleasant prices for dishes.

Rocky Mountain National Park

A national park known for its breathtaking views of the rocky mountains, as well as a variety of flora, lakes and waterfalls. Fans of active pastime will definitely be satisfied. In fact, you can't come to Colorado without visiting this park. The landscapes you will see will be remembered for the rest of your life!

The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern

American Restaurants

The institution, which is popular mainly among residents of nearby areas or visitors to the national park. There are dishes for vegetarians, classic American menu, so steaks and sandwiches dominate, there is beer for bottling. Very warm and cozy atmosphere. So, after such a long walk, it is necessary to gain strength and eat!

Grand Hyatt Denver

During this day we had time to get acquainted with the history of the state and visit an amazing nature reserve, and tomorrow we will have a long way to go and a lot of new places, so it is necessary to gain strength to be active and easily overcome tomorrow's route!