Cinema adventure on the island Oahu – Day 3: By the railroad and along the jungles

An amusive and educative trip by the historical railroad thanks to which we will finally understand how did Indiana Jones somersaulted and fought on the roof of carriage. Well, okay, we are unlikely to realize, but at least we can imagine how it was. Later, we will plunge into the beautiful world of flora and fauna. Besides, as much knowledge about plants and flowers as it is possible will be absorbed by us.
Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

Trip duration: 7 days

Gvenet Bloom

Heavenly Island Lifestyle

Breakfast Spots, Juice Bars, Hawaiian Restaurants

A true taste of Hawaii is a diversity of served to you with a smile dishes cooked only from the products which are presented to the locals by the islands. Salads, pastas, rice, soups, seafood, burritos and many other plats are provided to the visitors. Plating is viewy and it was such a pity to eat the food at first but the starvation overpowered and we shoveled the food down.

Hawaiian Railway Society

Monuments / Landmarks

So, Indiana Jones! – What? Why is it Indiana Jones? – Well, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, some scenes of film about a famous archaeologist were shot on the Hawaiian islands. Secondly, Indiana Jones often travels by trains. The trip by the historical railroad we allow you to feel yourselves a real treasure hunters! During the journey the history of Oahu Railway and Land Company as well as the ways of using trains in the cane sugar production will be told to you. Also you will get acquainted with unique exhibits and to learn many interesting facts about the railroad. You will see for yourselves the carriages similar to those which Indiana usually climbs trying to return something what has been taken from him by his opponents or just trying to save his life. Pay attention that the trips are possible only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wahiawa Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens

This garden is real paradisiacal jungles which were opened for public excess in 1957. Well, jungles is a too high-sounding word for description, of course, there are trails for visitors’ convenience and still the views are worth of being shot in romantic and adventurous cinemas. A great number of amazing plants grows here, such as Eucalyptus, divers ficuses, different palms, Blue Ginge, Camphor trees, Nutmeg, Blue Jacaranda and a lot of others. Unfortunately, I didn’t find information if the territory of park has ever been shot in a film. However, to walk past this place means to loose a lot, so you should stroll here.

Taqueria El Ranchero

Mexican Restaurants

It is a wonderful spot for enjoying a real Mexican taste right on the islands. The owner of taqueria are convinced as soon as you experience their salsa in different variations, you will be hooked on their dishes and will not be willing to eat anything else for a long time. We certainly savoured all what we ordered. And we agree that the taqueria provides visitors with fresh food for a reasonable price. Besides, the staff tries to do their job in a fast and professional way.

North Shore Haleiwa Home

Waimea Valley


Hurray! We have reached it! We have arrived at the inimitable amazing gorgeous (okay, okay, I will stop here, otherwise, I will continue to list adjectives till the evening) place. Waimea Valley is famous as a plantation of pink taro root stocks, it is a unique natural reserve and a home for hundreds of thousands creatures and plants. The history of this park is too long to retell you. If you are interested, read it on the site. I just will mention that the natural reserve is one of the most favourite of directors. The scenes from such films as ‘George of the Jungle’, ‘The hunger games catching fire’, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth 2’, ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ were shot here. Moreover, TV serials ‘Lost’ and ‘Hawaii 5.0’ were created in the valley. This place will always remain in the clips of famous artists, for example, in Janet Jackson’s musical videos.

Banzai Sushi Bar

Sushi Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants

I can’t advice you want to choose in this restaurant as I don’t often eat sushi. Yet I can emphasize that I liked the service and those sushi which I ordered. Unfortunately, I don’t remember their names. No doubts, the waiters will help you to make choice. The chef of this spot has traveled all over the world looking for exotical flavours and now his dishes has a special feature. Make sure yourselves.