Acquaintance with various monuments of architecture. Immersion in Castile history and culture. Enjoy the region's extraordinary cuisine. Take walks in incredible natural places. .

Castile-La Mancha and the heritage of medieval Spain

The central part of Spain is a great place for traveling by car. Various landscapes, cultural heritage, and popularity, thanks to the novel "Don Quixote" by Miguel Cervantes, attract many tourists here. National parks and architectural monuments are scattered all over the region, and if you add to them a day in the neighboring province of Aragon, you will get a rich circular route, which you can start and finish at the airport of Madrid. Taking into account the climate (hot summer and frequent frosts in winter), it’s better to plan a trip during the spring, early summer or throughout the autumn.

Castile-La Mancha and the heritage of medieval Spain

8 days itinerary by Bernardo Jorge - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: National Cuisine Night

Tonight, our journey through Spain will begin. There will be not much time after the arrival, so it would be better to spend the evening in one of the restaurants of national cuisine, and then go for a short walk or a rest in the hotel.
Visiting: Toledo, Alcorcon, Madrid

Day 2: Walks in Toledo

Toledo is a city that is well known for its extraordinary architecture. On this day, we'll try to see as many of her samples as possible. There are plans to walk around the squares, see the cathedrals and various historical sites.
Visiting: Toledo

Day 3: Historical sites of Castile

Today, our plans are to leave Toledo and go further east to explore Castile. Before that we will have a short excursion in one of the museums of Toledo, and after a stroll through the most important historical places of the region.
Visiting: Toledo, Cuenca, Belmonte, Consuegra

Day 4: Incredible Beauties of Cuenca

Today will be devoted entirely to getting to know the city of Cuenca. We plan to see famous local attractions, including many architectural monuments, as well as unique natural sites.
Visiting: Cuenca, Valdecabras, Villalba de la Sierra

Day 5: Tereuelian Beauties

Today, plans to go to one of the most interesting cities in Castile - Teruel. There's an incredible and rich architecture waiting for us. We will try to immerse ourselves in the history of this region, enjoy the local cuisine, and then plans to return to Cuenca.
Visiting: Cuenca, Teruel, Albarracin

Day 6: Beauty suburb of Madrid

Today we plan to leave Cuenca and head towards the capital. A variety of sights await us on the way, but we will also start exploring one of the cities near Madrid.
Visiting: Cuenca, Alcala de Henares, Buendia, Pastrana

Day 7: Walks in the capital

Today is the last full day of our trip, so we intend to spend it with maximum benefit. In the first half we are planning a fascinating excursion in the museum, and in the second half we will go for walks to the capital.
Visiting: Alcala de Henares, Madrid

Day 8: The morning before departure

This morning will conclude our rather long journey through Spain and Castile. Since we will not have much time at our disposal, we will immediately go for breakfast to one of the restaurants of the capital.
Visiting: Madrid, Alcala de Henares