During your trip you will definitely be able to strengthen your family ties; . Discover new routes for you and your children; . Share unforgettable emotions with your loved ones; . You will be able to explore the sights, the terrain and fully enjoy the trip in a calm pace;.

Canadian Coast Family Trip

Traveling with children is a very important event. Such routes should be thought through more carefully, visit certain places without haste and be guided by the child's wishes. Undoubtedly, such trips have a huge number of advantages. You will be able to get close to your children, solve some misunderstandings and give your child a lot of positive emotions from visiting new places. And you'll also broaden the horizon of his knowledge. Our trip is designed in such a way that everyone was comfortable to travel. Both you and your children. The route of the day is planned calmly and calmly so that you don't get tired. And establishments and various sights will be pleasant for everyone.

Canadian Coast Family Trip

8 days itinerary by Darcy Moore - Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: The first day of our journey begins in Buffalo

Welcome to Buffalo is a pretty big city in New York City. It is in close proximity to Canada, so we decided to start our journey from here.
Visiting: Buffalo, Cheektowaga

Day 2: We're exploring the Buffalo area

This is our first full day in town. Today we're going to explore the sights and parks of Buffalo.
Visiting: Cheektowaga, Buffalo, Grand Island, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Day 3: The third day of the journey or the day of nature

So, we decided to enjoy the most beautiful scenery and spend time outdoors. We all know that there is nothing more irreplaceable than oxygen for the human body. We often send our children for walks, but with age we forget about this useful habit. We're gonna fix this a little bit today!
Visiting: Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Burlington

Day 4: We're staying in Hamilton

I don't know if you know, but Hamilton is a port city. It is a very harmonious place, combining beautiful nature and a noisy city. This city is also known to us as the waterfall capital of our planet.
Visiting: Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton

Day 5: We're continuing our journey along the coast

Our last point was Hamilton. Wonderful city, very beautiful and friendly. Today we're moving on. We have a lot of different trips planned for today and all of them will be outdoors.
Visiting: Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Campbellville

Day 6: We've been with you more than halfway through.

Today is the sixth day of our incredibly colourful journey along the Canadian coast to Toronto. As today Monday and most of the cultural institutions are closed, we have postponed museum trips for tomorrow, and today we decided to spend another day outdoors for walks.
Visiting: Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto

Day 7: Traveling through museums

For a small variety of our trip we decided to learn a little bit new in history and visit various museums. Of course, we tried to choose museums in such a way that children wouldn't be bored, but all adults understand that it is really interesting to go to a museum already when you have grown up and realize the importance and greatness of history.
Visiting: Toronto

Day 8: Saying goodbye to the wonderful place

Our trip has come to an end. How much new you can actually learn and see in just one week. Well, until we meet again and travel again!
Visiting: Toronto, Fort York, Buffalo