Bangkok and the provinces: from metropolis to untouched nature – Day 5: Entertainment Day

Today's goal is rest and fun. We will start with a bath in a spring with turquoise water, then watch the unusual animals, splash in the water park and spend a relaxed evening tasting wine.
Bangkok and the provinces: from metropolis to untouched nature

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

สวนกาญจนาภิเษกน้ำพุธรรมชาติ (น้ำผุด)

Hot Springs

Good morning! We'll take the bathing accessories and go to the Ban Ta Chung Spring. The water in the spring is quite warm, the bottom is flat, you can swim with children. A distinctive feature of the reservoir - crystal clear turquoise water, so do not forget the camera or smartphone, you will get beautiful pictures.

Manesorn Farm (ไร่มณีศร)


A field with sunflowers is probably the thing you least expect to see when driving around the Thai provinces. Perhaps that's why this place is so attractive to travelers who stop here to take bright, juicy pictures.

The Bonanza Exotic Zoo


Bonanza Exotic Zoo even has dinosaurs, though they are just sculptures that children love to take pictures with. And among the inhabitants and without ancient reptiles, there are many very interesting creatures, which are only worth the albino kangaroos, or bright exotic birds. The area of the zoo is not very large, you can its entirety in less than two hours, there are children's play areas and quite interesting art objects.

The White Garden Premier Saraburi

The Castle Restaurant


Would you like to have lunch in Britain and continue exploring mysterious Thailand in an hour? Today it is possible, because the next point of the route is the restaurant The Castle, the owners of which carefully recreated the English atmosphere. There's even a phone booth. The menu, of course, did not go without Thai dishes, but it only makes it better. And after a hearty meal, there's a very tasty crème brûlée.

Scenical World

Water Parks

Ready to have some fun? Then go to a water park, ride on rides and winding waterslides! Please note, the amusement park is closed on Wednesdays.

PB Valley Khao Yai Winery


PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is a great place for an evening out. Here you can see how different types of grapes are grown, learn about the secrets of winemaking, taste drinks and enjoy a delicious dinner.