Bangkok and the provinces: from metropolis to untouched nature – Day 4: Khao Yai National Park

Today's journey lies through Khao Yai, Thailand's true natural treasure. First we will visit Ganeshi Park, and then we will go on a trip to an area where there is almost no human presence.
Bangkok and the provinces: from metropolis to untouched nature

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

อุทยานพระพิฆเณศ นครนายก


In Hinduism, Ganesha is the god of wisdom and well-being, as well as the patron of the arts. In Ganesha Park in Nakhon Nioc Province, you will see two huge statues of a deity set up close to each other. The spectacle is, of course, very impressive. No less impressive is the "Black Ganesha" - a perfectly preserved statue, which is more than eight hundred years old.



Phuttha Utthayan Makha Bucha Anusorn is an open-air temple, the main feature of which is 1250 gilded statues of the praying Buddha located next to each other. The place is better known among pilgrims than tourists, you are unlikely to meet large sightseeing groups, but be sure to see praying or meditating locals.

Wang Takrai (อุทยานวังตะไคร้)


Now let's head deep into the park to enjoy the beauty of nature. Despite the fact that Wang Takrai is called a waterfall, it is rather a mountain river with rapids. However, this place looks very impressive and worth visiting. On a hot day, you can follow the example of the locals and take a swim.

Chor Chamuang Restaurant (ช่อชะมวง)

Thai Restaurants

Next, we will drive through Kao Yai National Park, making stops in its most picturesque places. Before you continue, you should eat well with Chor Chamuang Restaurant - a place with good value for money, the menu is not too varied, but it is deliciously prepared.

Romantic Residence Khaoyai


Scenic Lookouts

Khao Yai is a huge nature park on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park spreads over two thousand square kilometers. As you drive by, you'll notice how dense thickets alternate with meadows or mountain ranges. And to get a better view of the surrounding area, you should definitely go up to one of the observation platforms located on an elevated site.


Scenic Lookouts

The house on the giant log stilts is actually an observation tower. Climbing up the stairs to the site, you can see the endless green panorama of the surrounding area and watch the fauna hidden in the high grass.

Prime 19


Would you agree that today, learning the traditions of Buddhism and enjoying the wilderness, you could hardly imagine that you would dine in a restaurant of European cuisine with a very large rifle? The Prime 19 is a place where juicy steaks are served, for which you can choose your own meat.