Bangkok and the provinces: from metropolis to untouched nature – Day 2: Amazing Temples of Bangkok

We recommend breakfast at the hotel and go for adventure as soon as possible. Today we will visit three Buddhist temples, each of which is unique in its own way. The first, for example, holds the world's largest gold statue, the second has extremely unusual elements of decor for local architecture, and the third is famous for its amazing ceramic mosaics decorating the facades.
Bangkok and the provinces: from metropolis to untouched nature

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Wat Traimitr Withayaram (วัดไตรมิตรวิทยาราม)

Buddhist Temples

The first point of the segment route is Wat Trimith, also known as the Golden Buddha Temple. The statue of the deity, located inside the temple, is the largest gold statue in the world, its height is about three meters, and was made, according to researchers, it was in the distant thirteenth century. Time to see this miracle with your own eyes!

Loha Prasat (โลหะปราสาท)

Buddhist Temples

Wat Ratchanadda is an amazing temple complex built in the nineteenth century to honor the king's granddaughter. Particularly interesting building - Loja Prasat - is the only temple in the city, built with a large amount of metal.

Wat Arun Prang (พระปรางค์วัดอรุณฯ)

Historic Sites

The Temple of the Rising Sun, or Wat Arun, is perhaps the real symbol of Bangkok! This miracle of Eastern architecture is definitely worth seeing for yourself. Before the city was stagnated by skyscrapers, the temple was considered the tallest building in the city. The main highlight of this place is the multicolored ceramic tiles that decorate the pagodas. Thanks to these elements, Wat Arun received its unofficial name, the "Porcelain Temple".

Farm to Table Hideout

Dessert Shops

Farm to table - a cafe that specializes in organic products. The cafe is in a very beautiful place and surrounded by a cozy garden. Guests are offered a large selection of salads, meat dishes and side dishes for them. And after the main course be sure to try the local ice cream and aromatic pink tea.

Museum Siam (มิวเซียมสยาม)

History Museums

The mission of the Siam Museum is to help visitors understand the mysteries of the mysterious Thai soul. The subjects of permanent exhibitions are quite diverse, from traditional costumes to national cuisine features. The exhibits that are presented here are not only historical artifacts and findings of archaeologists, but also modern art objects, some of which are even interactive, if you travel with children, rest assured that they will also be delighted.

Lumphini Park (สวนลุมพินี)


Lumpini is something of a central park in New York City, a green oasis in the city center overlooking the skyscrapers. Not only tourists and locals like to walk here, but also representatives of the fauna that seem quite exotic for visitors to Bangkok - huge varanas and turtles.



We will conclude this day with dinner at one of Bangkok's most unusual bars. Vertigo is located on the 61st floor of a skyscraper, just imagine the view of the night city from there! Entrance to the roof is free, there is no strict dress code, however, beach and sportswear are not welcome.