Visit Novgorod Detinets. Go on a tour of the Pskov Kremlin. Walk around Ivangorod fortress.

Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia

Northern Russia is a unique and culturally rich region. On its territory there are several famous historical centers. And as it was accepted in ancient times, any large city had a mighty fortress to protect against raids. In our trip, we intend to visit some of them. First we will move towards Kingisepp to see the famous Ivangorod fortress, and then we will go to Pskov, where the Pskov Kremlin was built on the Velikaya River many centuries ago. After that we will go towards Veliky Novgorod and visit its famous Dytynets.

Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia

6 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Defensive fortifications and fabulous cities on the way to Kingisepp

Today begins our journey through the Leningrad region and its surrounding areas. We will go to Kingisepp, on the way visiting various interesting places, among which ancient defensive constructions, and also various historical parks.
Visiting: Kingisepp, Sosnovyy Bor, Krasnaya Gorka, Kopor'ye, Centralniy

Day 2: Driving by Lake Peipsi.

Today we leave Kingisepp and go first to Ivangorod, and then drive past Lake Peipsi to Pskov. On the way we will visit several interesting museums and, of course, we will stop near the banks of the famous pond.
Visiting: Pskov, Kingisepp, Ivangorod, Spitsino, Narva

Day 3: Pskov Historical Beauties

Today we plan to devote the whole day to studying the Pskov sights. The program will include the famous Pskov Kremlin, as well as several museums and parks.
Visiting: Pskov, Kresty

Day 4: Historical monuments on the way to Veliky Novgorod

Today we plan to leave Pskov and go to Veliky Novgorod. On the way we will have an opportunity to stop near some historical sights and go on fascinating excursions.
Visiting: Velikiy Novgorod, Pskov, Luga, Khotitsy, Zapesen'ye

Day 5: The very heart of Veliky Novgorod

There are many plans in our program today. Of course, all of them will be associated with the exploration of the sights of Veliky Novgorod. We will visit the main city museums, where the history and culture of this region are covered in all details.
Visiting: Velikiy Novgorod

Day 6: Beauties of ancient estates

Today our journey ends and we head back to St. Petersburg. On the way, we plan to visit several famous ancient manors and the legendary Palace Park in Gatchina.
Visiting: Velikiy Novgorod, Centralniy, Chudovo, Tosno, Gatchina, Pulkovo2, Andrianovo