An unforgettable weekend for the whole family – Day 1: Visiting Golden Bay and exploring the world in Old Park.

During the day of our trip we will rest in the largest open water park in Russia, and then go to get acquainted with the amazing places of our planet in the cultural center of Kabardinka.
 An unforgettable weekend for the whole family An unforgettable weekend for the whole family

Trip duration: 1 day

Margarita Glumova


Сэр Пончикс

Donut Shops

Both adults and children love sweet dough products called donuts. "Sir Ponchix makes delicious, lush doughnuts that are worth a try. We'll stop by their little place, buy doughnuts on the road, take a break and go on the road.

Золотая Бухта

Water Parks

"Golden Cove is one of the most popular entertainment places in Gelendzhik. The water park has eight swimming pools and ten exciting water attractions, as well as many slides and the only Tornado slide in the country. It's a great place to take a break from your working day and not even notice how fast time flies by! Here at the water park you can have lunch at a pizzeria or a buffet restaurant.

Старый парк


Did you dream of seeing the corners of the world in one day, but didn't believe it was possible? The "Old Park" will convince you that the impossible is possible! In the park we will visit you in Egypt, get to antiquity, feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, find ourselves in Japan, see a part of the East. Visiting this place guarantees to each of us a good mood and new knowledge, the opportunity to take incredible pictures and just relax from the city bustle.

Кастальская купель

Greek Restaurants

After an unforgettable trip around the world we will go to a Greek restaurant for dinner. "Castal Font" - a place where we will taste Greek cuisine and relax in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.