Adventure: a family trip – Day 2: Sergiev Posad: interesting museums and holy sources

Today we are waiting for interesting museums in Sergiev Posad and holy places outside it. Visit the museum, where you can touch the exhibits with your hands and reach the largest waterfall near Moscow. We will also visit the observation deck, the view from which is mesmerizing.
Adventure: a family trip

Trip duration: 6 days

Anastasia Baklanova

Bufet Lafet

Cafés, Buffets

It's an intriguing name for a cafe, isn't it? I offer breakfast in this very stylish establishment. Pay attention to the mode of operation: Monday-Friday from 9:00, Saturday, 11:00, Sunday's the day off.

Музей крестьянского быта

History Museums

It's sure to be interesting for both adults and children. The museum is not a state museum, its founder is the artist Viktor Bagrov, who also conducts excursions here himself. He has arranged the exposition near his studio. The peculiarity of the museum is that the exhibits can be touched.

Музейный комплекс «Конный двор»

History Museums

Another place to visit in Sergiev Posad is the museum complex "Equestrian Yard". It is located on the shore of the White Pond, and the complex was founded in 1790. The equestrian yard was built in 1790-1791. "square on 20 sazhens" in the form of a closed carriage of one-storey buildings with four round towers in the corners and a rectangular tower above the southern gate. Please note: Monday is a day off, Sanitation day is the last Friday of every month.

Вареничная #9

Varenyky Restaurants, Cafés

It's lunchtime! How about some dumplings? There's a great establishment near the Horse Yard Museum. By the way, they have a website where you can see the menu in advance.

Источник Преподобного Саввы Сторожевского


Let's go on a walk to the holy places. The source was named in honor of Savva Storozhevsky, a pupil of Sergei Radonezhsky. According to the legend, the holy spring was extracted by Savva Storozhevsky from the depths of the earth, 150 m from the walls of the monastery prayer at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Смотровая площадка

Scenic Lookouts

On the way to another source, you can stop at the observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of the Lavra. Here you can get very beautiful pictures.

Водопад «Гремячий ключ»


It's a very beautiful place, quiet and magical for some. The area is landscaped, you can just walk and get some fresh air. In general, Gremyachiy Klyuch or, as it is also called, Gremyachiy Waterfall is the biggest waterfall near Moscow. According to the legend, this spring appeared in the IV century after Sergiy Radonezhsky, traveling here, wanted to drink water, hit a staff, and from the ground hammered the source of purest water.


Caucasian Restaurants

I invite you to a restaurant of Caucasian cuisine for dinner. Here is the best shashlik in town! I advise you to try it. Does the name seem familiar? Right, the restaurant is named after the famous Georgian artist, and the interiors are decorated with reproductions of his paintings.